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Inserted an old FAT32 USB stick into the RPi4 and the key was copied automatically. Rooextend recognizes the stick and shows it in the extension settings page. It is a convenience feature



out of curiosity I enabled the Roon bridge function, but my USB DAC does not show up in audio settings. Is there more involved than just flipping the switch to enable Roon bridge?


EDIT: Answered my own question. Tried it with the USB 3 ports, no go. USB 2.0 worked immediately. Cool, one device several purposes.

Yes, the key-saving didn’t work for me (from 1.4.1) and there was no way I could enter the key manually after installing 2.0.2

John, If you have prepared the SD-Card with 2.0.2 and starting it up you only see the license manager in the Roon extensions settings. Open its settings. In the rooUPnP section you can enter your license key. After that the rooUPnP Extension will be started and become visible.

If you have all up and running you can plug in the USB stick and your license code will be saved on it. This USB-stick can be used if you update to the next release.

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Is there a release date for your new rooHEAD application? :slight_smile:

Well, I am on holiday from end of September to mid October. So my guess is maybe end of October to beginning of November. Right time for headphone listening in winter :wink:


Are you familiar with the Orthoremote from Teenage engineering ?
Would it not be a nice additional (not discontinued) controller to add to rooExtend portfolio ?
have a nice day

Thanks for this.

I note that you have rooExtend 2.1.0 rather than 2.0.2, which I have downloaded.

This is what I see when I open up settings:

So no option to enter the key manually or by copy and paste

See my answer here: rooDial a Wireless Volume Knob for Roon with Microsoft Surface Dial - Audio Gear Talk - Roon Labs Community


I’m interested in purchasing one of your custom covers for the Raspberry Pi 4 Flirc case. Could you please let me know how I can purchase this from you?



Hello Mark,
I expect till mid of next week I add an offer in my sellcodes store. If this is done you can find a link on my website

Best DrCWO

Hello @DrCWO: I installed RooDial this week with a Microsoft Surface Dial and absolutely loved it! Got the license key immediately. However, I had to disconnect the RaspberryPi today to move it to another wall plug. And now it’s not working anymore! No connection, green light keeps blinking. Maybe you could help me solve this? I would really love to avoid reflashing the software and going through the whole setup again …

EDIT: I tried out the original wall plug and now it is working again. Now that is weird, isn’t it? Any idea why it could possibly work on one wall plug but not on another?

EDIT: On the new plug, after a couple of tries, it is working now. Hoping it’s stable. Cheers.

Maybe you did not wait long enough. It may take up to five minutes until WiFi is reconnected.

I purchase a license. and after installing the extension and license manager with RooDial I noticed that the Microsoft Surface Dial will never pair with the Raspberry PI Zero no matter how many times I tried the pairing, checked and there is no an issue from the dial BTparing to MAC, Windows, Linux.
Purchased another PI Zero imaged another SD card and can get it to pair all ok but now the issue is that the purchased license will not work on the new system, tried every possible way, including reinstalling the bridge, booting with the license file on USB. and so far I cant get it to work.
Are these licenses assigned to hahdware, OS, names once used it can not be moved?
How do we go about installing license on new hardware?
Thank you!

Make sure you revoke the license in the manager (within the extensions section of roon) before putting the license on the new pi. It does link with the hardware.



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Before using the license on an other hardware (Pi) you have to revoke it on the pervious unit. If you still have the first Pi and the SD card you can do it. If not please send me a personal message and I will help you.
Best DrCWO

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@Jose_Lomba I have some experience with rooExtend and the Pi Zero W. I assume you’re running a W - or are you connecting some kind of network adapter to the Zero? I tried some combinations of the above - and while the Zero can work, I’ve found it to be unreliable in this role.

A shame, because I like the idea of the Zero. For me, it’s not the low price; I like the unobtrusive form factor, light weight and cool running temperature. It’s like a dongle. But ultimately the great thing about rooExtend is the way the dial responds very reliably when you touch it. (I use roo6D.) This I think means you should have a full-size Pi with a wired connection. Some people have reported success with a wireless Pi4, but it seems like mesh WiFi - I have eero - causes problems here.

Thank you, I also use a Mesh Wifi Netgear Orbi and was not aware of the need of wired connection will soon move to a PI-4b even tough they are so much expensive for running this extension/bridge
For now I just discover that the Surface Dial “New out of the box for this project” does not light up and pair again after just had it paired to the other Zero, so bad enough I need to start new again with new hardware cant get the Dial or the Zero to really work.
DrCWo. maybe you should tell people about the Zero no being a reliable option for using this extension and the need of prefer Hard Wired Network connection so they waste time and money with the Zero option.
How do I go about revoking the license on the current Zero?
All I have is remove the extension on the Roon Settings → Extensions

@Brian_Doherty, rooExtend has more than 200 users now and what I heard a lot of them run rooDial with the Pi zero W. Latency is a bit higher here (depending on your WiFi) but in a “normal” WiFi network ist runs quite nice and stable. So the Pi zero W is definitely an option!

Regarding mesh you are right. rooExtend often causes trouble here, especially if more than one station have the same strength and rooExtend did not know where to connect to.

My personal favorite is a Pi4 with wired Ethernet. With this you can have Roon Bridge to directly connect a USB-DAC to the Pi4. Also future Roon Extensions I plan for next year, will need a wired ethernet to operate smoothly.

Regarding all this I recommend to use a wired Pi4 if you like to be future proof. Pi zero W is an option if you only like to run rooDial, roo6D or rooNuimo.

Best DrCWO


Thank you for reaching out to me and thank you for the info on reconnecting and revoking licenses. I will follow up once I get a new device
I can not longer use the Dial as it seems it is bricked no sure how that happened as it really was never used just paired to several bt devices for testing and now no matter what I do. “Took it outside the house away from devices, new batteries on) I still can not get it to come on or show light for any paring, long press the pairing does nothing also.

So now I have to wait to buy another $70+ Dial or I am debating on possible buying the MouseWireless from 3dConnexion as a better alternative to use this extension, as now with purchasing 2 Dials is the same price as getting a MW from 3dConnexion and seems to be a better hardware all around no sure the dial has a defect were it can be bricked so easily