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Thank you, @Bernd_Hofmann, for this post. It’s been a long time since I listened to Ottmar Liebert, who I had a chance to see tour the US in the early 90’s. I don’t know the album Dune at all but my family and I are now listening to it as we decorate our holiday tree. It’s lovely.


The auto-update worked for me too, welcome to the 3.0.3 version of rooExtend, great job DrCWO.
For the next updates to come, how the system make an announcement before or after ?
Have a good day.

Hi Philippe,
there will be no announcement in rooExtend except of a new release number in the License Manager of rooExtend.

I will announce updates here in this tread.
Best DrCWO

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Autoupdate has worked!

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For me too :+1:

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Nice work on the auto update system Dr, checked both of mine this morning and both updated.

Just a question, does HDMI Output audio as well as video ? And if so does it do multi channel :thinking:

Version 3.0.3 installed itself overnight. Now everything’s working as it should! I did have to enter the license key though. Is this always the case with a version update (or should/can one leave a USB stick plugged in)?

I wasn’t aware of the existence of RPI 2 models with an ARMv8 core, turns out that the one I bought 2 years ago is of version 1.2 :smiley:. Thanks for the tip!

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Only video :flushed:

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Thanks Dr I thought that was the case, but I had a sudden thought to move the Pi where my TV is and play multi track recordings using it and then thought it is video only.
I might still do it but I also hav a Chromecast so :thinking:

The OTA update leaves everything in place. There are no manual steps required nor the USB- Stick :+1:t2:
You should not recognize it despite a short period at night when rooExtend got restarted.

Thanks for your reply, I have messaged you directly with more details

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Installation of new 3.0.2 worked fine. Updated this night to 3.0.3 was also successfull. Love it. :two_hearts: Thanks

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@DrCWO there seems to be another small misbehaviour when one switches (like me today) its roon server to another machine (from a qnap NAS to a small dedicated linux debian server for music/roon). After switching cores with Roon Client there was no chance to use rooExtend again, i got always the buttons “Koppeln” and/or “activate” in a loop where rooExtend vanishes ands returns always after a minute or so again asking me “Koppeln” and activating without ever completing.

i could solve this with a reset to factory defaults on rooextend.local. After that all works again as normal.

I don’t know if this is already in the manual but i guess it’s always is a good idea after moving the roon server to a new machine to set rooextend back to factory settings with rooextend.local

Happy 1st Advent from Frankfurt! :christmas_tree:

OTA confirmed.

I needed to try the HDMI output Dr and got to say I prefer it to Chromecast (on my Shield Pro) as I get the playing bar which is almost always blank on that.

Nice work gentlemen

Up and running 3.0.3 on two devices - a Zero 2 W and a 4. Unfortunately, they are now in the “wrong” houses - because I want display to work in the house where the Zero is. So it’ll take me a few days to get that sorted out. Anyways, I’m very impressed - as someone new to the ecosystem.

Question for @DrCWO which I’m sure is answered above somewhere but I can’t find with 5 minutes searching. Why is the HDMI out/display not active on the Pi Zero W 2? Is it that the Zero’s resources just aren’t adequate to act as receiver for Dial/6D and a Roon Bridge, and simultaneously send the video? Or is there something weird about the mini HDMI port even with an HDMI adapter?


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HDMI needs Chromium to run and this need a lot of memory that is not available in the Zero W 2.
That’s the reason I disabled it completely before getting complaints and inexplicable phenomena.

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Also, I’ll add a feature request that I personally think would be useful.

I love the idea of the Radio Station and the Playlist function for the 6d / Space Mouse, and I would probably use them as the forward and back pushes, respectively, vs the default mute/shuffle actions. But it’s not that useful to me to have a single radio station and a single playlist. What I want, ideally, is to have a ‘pick list’ of radio stations and playlists, and the action cycles between them, i.e. is “next radio station” and “next playlist”. Of course if it were a user reorderable pick list that’d be even better. And if I could choose in that pick list for each playlist whether I want that playlist to always be on shuffle that’d be even better.

[I should add that I have a bunch of playlists that are “core” and which I’d want to cycle between - Hard Bop jazz, Vocal jazz from the '50s-60’s, Vocal jazz from the 20s, Solo Piano jazz, String quartets/quintets/sextets, opera arias, lieder, '90’s alternative rock; but I also have a lot of playlists I wouldn’t want to cycle between like '80’s NYC hardcore, west coast punk rock, prog metal, death metal, show tunes; I have weird eclectic taste]

To be honest, I find it amazing that you implement user feature requests, so I’m not holding out hope - you’ve already built a wonderful thing and what I really care about is the core functionality. And I truly respect that you’re commercializing it and supporting the DIY community. I’m very much hoping that the device is very successful, because it’s super cool and very “on-brand” for Roon.

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This is already on the list for a long time like some other additional features. If you are lucky I will find some time to address all these open topics at beginning of next year after my Africa Trip in January.

But Cycling through radio stations can be done in a limited way. If you started a radio station and with the SpaceMouse press the right button - normally for next song - the next radio station in your life radio stations got started. So Your Life Radio is the picklist at the moment.

Thank you for your good withes. The now commercial product I made as the supply for PIs drained. The Distributer saw that at the Munich HighEnd and wanted to sell it…

Best DrCWO

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