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On the rooHead sellcodes page, it says:

“Before licensing, the rooHead software is partly functional so you can see if your headphone is supported by the database of more than 4000 headphones.”

But when I go into my rooExtend menu in Roon, the only option for rooHead I’m given is to enter a license key.

How can I access this partly functional trial mode?

Hello DrCWO,

Thank you for your response. I will agree with you, it was a hassle to set up the eq. So, if i just can click and choose my headphone, that would be awesome. If there will be a plugin ready to use just straight into Roon, it will absolutely have my interest! Especially because i plan on buying way more headphones!! I have become a canhead!! :joy:
Keep up the works!
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  • Open the rooExtend License Manager
  • Locate “Hide unlicensed extensions”
  • Set it to “Yes”

now rooHead (and all other non licensed Roon Extensions) will appear and you can see if your headphone is in the list.

More info regarding this in the Quick Installation Guide.

Best DrCWO

Just stay tuned, Webservice will come in March…

Got it. Thank you!

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I may be missing something—but it appears I need to buy a Raspberry Pi, among other things, to try out your device and it’s headphone filters? I use Sonic Transporter i5 into Hugo 2, Ayre QX5-20, Lumin So I don’t have a Raspberry Pi endpoint anywhere. Am I understanding correctly? Currently I listen to my headphones through the Hugo2 connected to the 2Go so that brick is itself a Roon ready endpoint. But I would love to try your filters as my headphones have never sounded anywhere near as good as my various speakers.

Hi @Sarah_Clement,
at the moment rooHead is a Roon Extension and part of the rooExtend software package for the Raspberry Pi or the rooExtend-Box. I was surprised but there is a lot of interest using rooHead without owning a Raspberry Pi and running rooExtend on it.

So I decided to offer rooHead as a Web-Service soon (probably till end of march) :+1:

With this Web-Service you will be able to create headphone equalizers and download them from my website without owning a Raspberry Pi or the rooExtend-Box.

So stay tuned, I will announce it here if the Web-Service is ready :smiley:

Best DrCWO

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EQ curves for thousands of headphones are freely available on the internet and can be setup inside Roon in less than 2 minutes.


Hi @ogdens_sliced,
you are right, and I already answered your question and commented here:
rooHead - Incredible Headphone Sound - Audio Gear Talk - Roon Labs Community

If you are skilled enough just do it the way you proposed. My solution is for people being not so skilled. It is easy to use and has some additional features like Bass Boost and Tilt and Headroom management.

What else can I do for you :thinking:

Best DrCWO

Absolutely nothing.
I was replying to somebody else in the thread.

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Thank you Dr CWO for your response. I do not have the skills to look up and load EQ curves for my various headphones inside Roon so that’s why DrCWO’s work interests me. I mostly use Focal Clear Mg and Senn 650 but I have a few others I I occasionally listen to as well but nothing is as pleasing as my speaker systems. I’m interested in trying to tweak and possibly improve my headphone sound.

This I had for a long time with my old Sennheiser HD580 precision. With EQ and an attached RME ADI-2 it now sounds like my calibrated Speaker system.
Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos - Roon Software Discussion - Roon Labs Community

Best DrCWO

I just gave rooHead a try (already have rooDial and rooPlay, which I highly recommend). Honestly, I did not notice much difference with my Focal Radiance headphones, but I guess they are not far from the target curve to start with. However, the difference with my Sennheiser HD600’s is dramatic. It does not make the Sennheisers sound the same as the Focals, but they sure sound better with the filters in place.

I can’t wait for Roon’s convolution DSP to be available in ARC. At least some of my headphones listening around home is via ARC for convenience.

Overall, I’d say that if you’re on the fence, $45 is more than a fair price and is kind-of a no-brainer if you have a stable of nice headphones and an RPi4 that’s already running rooExtend.


You are right, Focal Radiance has minor corrections. Look at the green line of the graph below then you see where the changes are.

Best DrCWO


Tried rooHead as well. So far (only a first impression) I am a bit disappointed that I do not notice a difference for my Apple AirPods Max that could allow me to decide whether I prefer to hear with or without the rooHead convolution filter. On the other hand I am pleased, since I understand this as an indication that the AirPods Max are already very near to the target curve. But I have to experiment more with the parameters and also with different kinds of music. Currently I took the bass and tilt values from your youtube video, DrCWO.

Hi @Otto_Wilhelm,
I wonder you don’t hear the difference. Amirm from Audiosciencereview also did a measurement with the AirPods Max and found out that they lack a treble and have a strong bass.

See his review here.

Looking at the green curve (this is what rooHead supplys) you can see what should happen. A small reduction in bass and a strong increase in treble above 1500Hz. In my eyes this should be clearly audible if you did anything right.

Best DrCWO

Thank you for your response. As I wrote I must try different kinds of music in a first step and than also different parameters in a second step. Now I know that this is worth the effort. I do not know what I could have done wrong, in view of your very well implemented and explained concept. Best O_W

PS: Your explanation what I should “hear for” was helpful to select suitable music, and I like the tremble boost very much!


The option for Tilt and Bass Boost make that extension really valuable for me. Now I have fine-tuned my headphones, I recommend that extension to everyone. The price is a steal.



Could you please enable rooHead for rooExtend 2.x.x? I use rooDial with rooExtend 2.3.3 beta 5 because of the performance problems with the MS Surface Dial and 3.x.x.

I bought the licence for rooHead already.