Room 1.6 not compatible with latest Fire tablet

Updated all other devices to 1.6. Roon says my tablet is running 1.4 and needs to update, but when I go to update the store tells me roon is not compatible with my Fire tablet.
Can someone help me get my tablet to update to 1.6, or is there really a compatibility issue? If the latter, is it possible to get compatibility again in the next room update?



Which Fire tablet do you have?

I’m running Roon on a 2017 Fire HD 10 and it updated to version 1.6 (build 390) stable (32bit).


I am also running Roon 1.6 on a 2017 Fire HD 10.

Remember that Roon needs to be installed via the Google Play Store. To load the Google Play Store onto your Fire Tablet follow these instructions:

Play Store on Fire HD

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I’ve got it running on a 2017 HD8. Updates through the play store.

When I told it to update it opened the Play Store, as Google made me log in before it would even look for the update. I will go in to the play store outside of roon and see if there’s an update icon. I’ll report back tonight. Thanks guys!

Two things.

Your first post said you had version 1.4. Was that correct? The previous version was 1.5. Maybe upgrading from 1.4 is a problem.

You could always uninstall and then install again.



Good idea. I have the same tablet you have. I thought it was odd that roon claimed it was a 1.4 on the tablet, because I have used it without issue previously, and all my other devices were upgraded to 1.5 and then 1.6 upon each version’s release.

I think uninstalling and reinstalling is the way to go. Thanks to all for confirming there isn’t a compatibility problem!

I just downloaded the APK file from the Roon download site. Once it downloads onto the tablet, you can double-click it to install it (or it might just ask you immediately if you want to install it).