Room Crackle when playng back with Roon 1.3 and LS50 Wireless

Hi I have just bought myself a lifetime licence and have started getting a crackle.

I am using a HP Spectre X360 as my core and client and Kef LS50 Wireless as my endpoint. My music is stored on a Drobo 5N2. The NAS and LS50s are connected by Ethernet and my laptop has a connection speed of 400mbps.

The crackle is infrequent but happens never the less.

Can you help Roon? Not ken on the whole public post idea but ill give it a go you don’t seem to have a standard ticket system with you directly.

Flagging @support.

Does the ‘crackle’ happen only with Roon or does it occur with other sources? Is it in both speakers? Does anything else occur at the same time (song change, bit rate change)?

The sound is in both speakers as far as I can tell (i will listen out for it). It happens with various bit rates (44.1 to 192khz).

This may silly but it has done it a few times when I unlock my phone after being on the side a while, could this be related?

If you switch off the Kefs for a few hours (and unplug them) and then power them back up do you immediately get the cracklings or does it come after 30mins or so? If it plays fine for a while but then starts to crackle that suggests to me a well known hardware fault.

I have used the LS50s without issue with Roon and a previous laptop. The laptop was the same model as I have now but it had a faulty keyboard so It got sent back.

I think its safe to rule the Kefs out as I have used them plenty in the past. The issue lies with either Roon or my laptop somehow.

I will try reinstalling Roon and see it it helps the matter.


Looping you guys in.

I have restarted the router and reinstalled Roon but the issue persists. I am amendment this is related to network traffic somehow. Unlocking my phone causes the crackle almost every time when it has been left sitting for a while.

The issue happens without using m,y phone but other phones and devices are on the network (I cant turn them all off).

Hi @Paul_Whittaker ---- Thank you for the post and sharing your feedback with us. Both are very appreciated!

Moving forward, to help in my understanding of this behavior you are experiencing with the LS50s may I very kindly ask you to provide the following information:

  • A screenshot of your signal path leaving the application when you notice the mentioned “crackle” in audio.

  • Besides the LS50s do you have any other active audio zones in your setup, and if you do, have you ever experienced this behavior?

  • Out of curiosity, if you play directly out of the internal speakers of the core device are there any issues during playback? How about outside of the application, say via TIDAL or Spotify, what is the experience like?


Hi Eric,

Thanks for getting back in touch with me.

The issue no longer occurs but I suspect it was related to other devices in the house. I could repeat the issue without fail using mobile phones. The crackle would occur when a mobile device was unlocked but only when they were sat dormant for a while.

I unplugged my router and reinstalled Roon at the same time so cannot say which resolved the issue but I suspect it was my router.

If the issue comes back and is repeatable I will update.



Thank you for touching base with me @Paul_Whittaker, the update is appreciated!

Moving forward, I am going to be closing this thread out, however, if you begin to experience the issue again, send me a PM and I will be glad to re-open to continue troubleshooting with you.