Roon 1.1 (Build 65) Released!

Hey all!

A new version of Roon has gone live, with a few important bug fixes, along with a couple of new features.

We’ve been hard at work on larger-scale projects like RoonSpeakers, headless Linux builds, improvements to our metadata services, and broadening our audio device streaming support, so this release is mostly focused on resolving bugs and support issues that arose from community feedback. It’s going to be an exciting couple of months ahead as some of these larger projects come to fruition.

For now, we hope everyone is enjoying 1.1, and keeps the feedback coming – as you can see below, many of the major bugs closed for this release were discovered by end users and reported on this forum. If you see something that looks wrong, definitely let us know.

We really appreciate all the kind words, as well as the constructive criticism – even if we don’t respond to every post, we see it all and it drives us to keep making Roon even better!

Thanks everyone!

Roon 1.1 (Build 65) Release Notes

Build 65 is now live for OSX, and Windows. Updated versions have been submitted to the Play Store and App Store, and will be live pending their respective approval processes.

New Features:

  • Improved volume/mute behavior on OSX.
  • When multiple tracks are played at once in shuffle mode, the first track is also shuffled
  • Clarified some copy on the artist details page related to compilations
  • Roon prevents the computer from sleeping when music is playing, including situations where no local playback is occurring (AirPlay, Meridian).
  • FLAC format handling is more tolerant of files that are mostly OK, but contain frame sync errors.
  • Descriptions of signal path stages can be viewed with a click, to facilitate touch devices.

Bug Fixes:

  • Tidal favorite albums now displays more than 2 pages of content
  • Fixed several device-dependent bugs related to volume control on OSX.
  • Fixed pink background on details screens when images were slow to load
  • Fixed incorrect artist counts when display genres
  • Songkick concerts in the past should no longer be displayed
  • Fixed issues related to clicking in the tag popup on iPad
  • Fixed a startup crash that a small handful of users on build 55.
  • Fixed a bug in the directory watching infrastructure that caused files to be incorrectly treated as new in a few specific error-handling cases.
  • iOS text inputs no longer have auto-correct enabled
  • Fixed Last.FM login issues.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented imports on remote controls from working properly
  • Workaround for some ASIO drivers that become confused about the current sample rate and play in double-time.
  • Misc bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Fixed some remote/server discovery issues for Windows users