How can I make sure I have build 65 (possible continuation of crash on start issues)

Continuing the discussion from Roon 1.1 (Build 65) Released!:

  • How can I make sure that I’m getting the 1.1. (build 65) version? I just downloaded Roon for Windows via and reinstalled. Roon crashes without error message on startup (the logo and quote screen appears, then disappears shortly thereafter). This is a dual Xeon Windows 10 machine with 64GB RAM.

RoonInstaller.exe was signed on September 4/2015, size is 10,407,824 bytes - is this build 65?


That doesn’t sound like Build 65. The website links look like they didn’t get updated. I fixed them just now.

Regardless, after you launch Roon, go to the Settings screen and click “About” in the upper right. This will tell you which version you’re running, and automatically check for an updated version and prompt you to install it. You should not need to download a new version from the website in order to receive an update–Roon is capable of updating itself.

Brian, all fine - except when I need the new build because the old one doesn’t start (= autoupdate ???).
Thanks, will try the new one now.

hello @mzbe are you still have problems with Roon ?

Yes - most of them may still be related to 32bit out of memory issues.
I will reinstall later today (again) and try to use it with TIDAL exclusively.
Giving up on using my own library until we get to 64bit.