Roon 1.2 upgrade resulted in loss of my audio zones

My set up has been working excellently since I set it up in February using Roon 1.1. I have a Intel NUC running Roon Server in a headless set up with control from an iPad. My DAC is a Chord QBD76HD. My main audio zone has employed JPlay as the renderer with ASIO output to the DAC.

After the 1.2 upgrade today all audio zones except sytem output have been deleted and “audio setup” is not offering me the option of setting up new zones. Previously I had the choice of taking the output directly via ASIO to the DAC or through JPlay (which I chose because of it offers fixed levels of digital attenuation - full output overloads the analogue output stage of the DAC).

Please help - How can I get my audio zones back?

You need to get 1.2 installed as a remote on a computer someplace so you can reconfigure your outputs and then they will become available to your ipad again.

Your audio zones were suppose to migrate but there is a bug. Since the audio config has changed 1.1 on your ipad can’t config them. Apple probably won’t approve 1.2 for ipad for a month as usual.

Many thanks for your reply.

I managed to get the JPlay zone working again on the Intel NUC core, just as you suggested, by installing Roon as a remote on our main household networked Windows 10 64 bit computer and reconfiguring the zones.

I am very excited about the full potential of 1.2 - looking forward to the new version of the remote app (hope Apple get their finger out!) and will definitely be setting up some more zones around the home by utilising Roon Bridge. Also great to see Internet Radio in beta.

Thank you again



Roon 1.2 for iOS is now available through the AppStore.

People have reported issues with firewalls after installing 1.2. The changes to the audio system mean a new process (RAATServer) needs access through the firewall, if any of your remotes are still inaccessible then checking firewall settings is a good place to start.

This was the first thing i checked when this issue reared its ugly head again and sure enough RAAT server needed to be manually accepted through the OSX firewall but unfortunately this time it did not cure the missing wi-fi zones