ROON 1.2 with JPlay in a dual PC setup

Hello friends,

Was anybody able to run a new version of ROON Server (Core) 1.2 using the JPlay ASIO driver in a dual PC setup? I can’t make it work. ROON sees the JPlay driver as available zone on my control PC. However when I try to play music nothing happens. I tried changing all possible settings in the JPlay control panel without any luck. My other players (IB, Foobar, JPlayStreamer ) work just fine with the JPlay ASIO driver.

My control PC with ROON Core is windows server 2012R2 in core mode + Audiophile Optimizer

Any ideas?

It appears to be related to your DAC Link settings in JPLAY. This thread will probably help you on your way:

Thanks for the reply. I did try different DAC link settings and nothing worked.

Can anybody help me to troubleshoot this issue?

@Go_Ga It seems that your problems are equal to my problems and I can imagine that it drives you crazy.
Do you use a high-end PCIe - USB card like the PPA or JCAT ?
I ask this because a couple of days ago I discovered some interesting details which had a huge impact op de stability of Roon 1.2.
With my new PPA PCIe -USB card (with the needed installed Renesas driver) I encountered serious stability problems (intermittently dissappearing and appearing JPLAY ASIO driver in audio settings) so I tried JRiver with the same settings and suprisingly everything performed well even when I switched the dac link settings in JPLAY.

After these experiences I decided to disconnect the PPA PCIe - USB card, removed the Renesas driver and connected my Chord usb cable directly to one of the usb connections of my mainboard and switched back to Roon and checked the audio settings.
All the ASIO drivers (including JPLAY ASIO !) were visable and remained visable and usable during a long listening session of many hours.

I have a strong feeling that Roon 1.2 is more sensitive than the previous version when it comes to the smallest influences caused by other settings or even third party software like the Renesas driver for the PPA card.
Coming weekend I’m gonna do some tests with the SOtM PCIe - USB card (which needs another type of driver), to see what will happen with the stability of Roon 1.2.

Thank you for you response. But I don’t have any USB cards, I’ running it on a dedicated i7 laptop with 8Gb of RAM. ROON 1.1 was working ok.

Also, I was able to play music for a couple of times and I cannot figure out the pattern when it plays. I must say that my ROON is currently busy adding a lot of new music to my library. I’m wondering if this is what causing it failing to play through the JPlay driver.