Roon 1.2b142 delayed playing/hang after failed/dropped of Tidal playback

First, with the latest build, Tidal playback always dropped out with an error message stating “TIDAL: network or connectivity causing problem” and the song is skipped. Sometime, after it skipped, the next song will hang with the scanning bar sweeping left and right. Click Pause also won’t work or rather delayed action. While during this “hanging” period, selecting a local file playback will also delayed on playback.

same problem, this started after the latest Tidal upgrade.
Any luck fixing?

Same problem here.

No problems here. Have you guys tried rebooting your Core?

Sure, and not only once. Sometimes restart helps but becoming bad after some time, or it doesn’t help at all. My suspicion is some communication/account/session-bug between RoonServer-RAATServer-TIDAL.