Roon 1.3-194 very slow rescan [answered]

ok, updated to 194 a couple hours ago
rescan is still in progress :open_mouth: taking an unusually long time and, so far, 4-500 albums are (still) missing :confused:

checked and found something worrying in “Storage” (only 200+ files imported out of 6000+ scanned):

should I actually worry? … quit/restart Roon Core? … just wait?

Is the Core also running on the QNAP?

The new version of Roon is doing some advanced audio analysis that that a lot of cpu power.
Maybe you can find some more details here:

nope: Core is running on an i7 Mac mini, not on the NAS :wink:

Analysis was still in progress but rescan, after 1.3 (192-193) update, only took minutes and all my albums were there

Have you tried restarting the macMini running the Core?

Take into account a lot of analysis are done after the upgrade.
Relevant paragraphs in the changelog post:

After updating to 1.3, Roon will re-extract file tags from your library and then re-queue your files for audio analysis. This can place some extra load on your core until that work is complete, so consider this when deciding when to accept the update.

Starting in Roon 1.3, we have fully adopted the R128 volume leveling standards. Your music library will be re-analyzed automatically to extract R128 data, and the volume leveling features throughout the app will make use of it.

Finally, Roon’s Audio Analysis can now be configured to use all of your CPU cores, and several stability issues related to analysis have been addressed.

restarted the Mac mini and, maybe, found the issue

in “Library”, to speed up analysis, I had set to “8 core” analysis speed. looks this was slowing down rescan as, after setting it back to “Throttled”, rescan is now proceeding much faster

though… looks AIFF tracks (my collection is organized in subfolders by file format) take a veeery long time to be rescanned/re-imported :hushed: (still 400+ albums missing)

once more: issue is with Rescan not with Analysis

I fully understand the issue is the rescan, but as there are so many scans/analysis happening after Roon is upgraded, one analysis can cause another scan to slow down.

Only very powerful system (Core i7 / Xeon E3/E5) were able to finish all these scans/analysis in a few hours on large libraries.

Let me know if the current remedy fully solves your issue to you expectation.

looks it is: just 250+ albums still missing now :wink:

once all are back I’ll set analysis speed back to “8 cores” as, it seems, this was slowing down rescan

Or put it to 4 or 6 cores, to prevent a rescan slow-down in the future.

That last core is most of the time not giving you that much extra performance (due to overhead/scheduling of the tasks for a cpu), plus you can keep on playing music without issues directly after adding new albums :slight_smile:

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will set it to 8 (so, hopefully, analysis will be done by tonight) and use my Sonos in the while :slight_smile:

though… please @support make it so, in future releases, Rescan has higher priority over Analysis :wink: