Roon 1.3-196: Open a PDF (on Mac OS) and it creates a copy on the desktop [Fix coming]

… a copy is created on the Desktop :open_mouth:

don’t remember this happening in 193-194

(files on a Qnap NAS, Roon Core on a Mac mini, Roon Control on a MacBook Pro)

Hmmm… Cannot replicate – PDFs are opened in Preview by default on my MBA11 remote (Sierra), but that’s all – nothing is saved anywhere. (Linux core, storage local to Core).

There has been a fix for opening PDF’s in Android in B196 if I remember correctly. Let’s see if anyone else can confirm or deny.

happens everytime, here, since 196 :confused:
maybe the difference lies in my all Mac setup

(files do open in Preview here too and I checked if there was any “auto-save” preference set which I found… there is not)

oh, and… Preview is actually opening the local copy created by Roon, which has a “weird” alpha-numerical title

Just installed the macOS B196 Remote and can now confirm this behaviour.

@danny: something seems up with opening PDFs on Mac with B196.


Hm, it’s working for me.

It works, but puts a copy of the PDF on the desktop at every open.

let’s see… Mac mini (Roon Core) is running 10.11.6 and MacBook Pro (controller) is on 10.12.3

I broke this in the last build when I fixed Android PDF stuff… ugh. I’ll get it fixed for the next build. Sorry!


also doing it to me, just for the record. MacBookPro as remote for Rooncore on sonic transporter.