Roon 1.3 and sonicTransporter

Hi Andrew

Is Roon 1.3 on the sonicTransporter expected to roll out at the same time as the official release?

Not asking for date because it happens when it happens. But I’m asking if you will need to do additional testing before rolling out to the sonicTransporter?

Really looking forward to this major update

Many thanks :slight_smile:

As soon as updates are released they are available for all platforms and are updated automatically. This is what has happened before with my sonictransporter and I do see why or how it will be any different with 1.3.


I’m personally not to worried about the software update itself, but I do wonder if the SonicTransporter will have enough processing power to support all the new functions Roon 1.3 will bring.

I’m very happy with the present smooth operation of my ST5i with Roon 1.2, and wouldn’t want all the new goodies 1.3 will bring to be spoiled by lacking hardware.

Nevertheless, looking forward to the upgrade.


I also had this concern. Wishing I got the i7 instead of i5, just for added future proofness.

I think Andy summarised it well in another thread. If you are upsampling to DSD 128 across 3 different zones simultaneously, then the i5 might struggle. But as Andy also said, it’s not long to go until we can test it ourselves.

Busker, do you have Tidal? Does it work with the ST (re: Tidal Login problem). Also, do you have any problems with Roon Id’ing albums. On my ST Tidal login does not work and all network functions to the Internet (ID new albums, etc) do not work. I have shut down the ST and currently running Roon on my Win 10 desktop. Waiting for 1.3 to dust my ST

Hi Gustavo,

yes I’m running Tidal, and all is running smoothly, and sounding great. Occasionally there are some metadata errors, but nothing that can’t be corrected.
I did notice that when playing Tidal MQA music through Roon, on my non MQA DAC, often there is a very short dropout after about 10 seconds into the first song of an album, and thereafter all tracks play normally.
I guess a lot of perceived hardware problems are really just network problems. I used to have a network problem as well, but luckily managed to identify the problem and correct it myself.
Hope you get your problem fixed as well.
I used to run Roon core on my Imac, but now very much prefer the convenience of the Sonic Transport, serving three zones. My son likes it as well, since now he has the Imac always available to play games…
I don’t plan to do any up sampling to DSD, so hope the I5 won’t struggle with 1.3.
Wait and see.


Hi Sean, what thread are you referring to? I didn’t find it.

I only have the basic sonictransporter. I’m worried 1.3 will be too much for it.

Thanks for the info Philip

How do you know it is MQA from Roon?

I don’t have my computer with the tidalapp at hand now, so i’ll try to go by memory:
Open the tidal app
Go to ‘what’s new’, where you will find the mqa albums, marked ‘master’.
Select the albums you like by marking them as favourites. This will make them show up in roon as tidal albums.
Open roon, and look for the selected tidal albums.
Select and press play. Enjoy!
If you clic on the star on the bottom of rhe screen, where you can check the signal path, you should see the bitdepth of 24 bits, wit 44 or 48 khz sampling freq. There is no indication of mqa (yet).

Hi Philip, it’s here: Roon Optimized Core Kit (previously reported as Roon OS)

Here Andy is talking about BOTH up-sampling and convolving across multi-zones simultaneously but the key point he makes is that we’ll be able to test it for ourselves soon enough.

The advantage we have with the sonicT over a PC/Mac is that nearly all the resources are dedicated to running Roon Server and really nothing else.

One positive is that the recommended Roon Optimised Core Kit being recommended by Roon is the Intel NUC i5 I believe. I’ve only seen recommendations to go for the i7 for massively large libraries, not necessarily anything to do with 1.3 or 1.4 or 2.0. So I have a feeling the sonicT i5 will be fine for most of us for a few years but this is only based on opinion, not facts of course.

One certainty is that nobody has a clue what processing demands Roon Core will require 2 years from now. Anybody that does know should please tell me the winning PowerBall numbers in advance via PM please :joy:

Thanks Sean, got it now.
I don’t think we’ll have to worrie to much yet, but I agree, the i7 would feel more confortable.
I don’t do dsd, and like to keep things simple. Also my library is not that big (slightly more then 1TB), so I guess the I5 has enough performance margin to cope with 1.3.
We’ll soon find out, hopefully.

Don’t sweat it guys – you’ll be fine.

Hmm, but if you use Roon, and you do not have a MQA DAC then it would be the same 16/44.with a tad bit better sound (according to MQA and some) but there would be no unfolding of the MQA layer. Only if you use the Tidal app then MQA would be decoded in software you would get (theoretically) equivalent high resolution stream. Not?

You are correct. This has been discussed In detail on several threads. See thus one for example.

I did find some albums to sound better, others just different.
Still a work in progress, but so far it sounds promising to me. Not enough to make me buy a new mqa dac though. Mqa decoding (and labeling) in roon would be great.

I am having intermittent drop out issues since upgrading to 1.3. Sonictransporter I5, Microrendu, USB connection to Metrum DAC. When the dropouts occur the status LED on the DAC blinks indicating loss of connection. Never a problem prior to upgrade to 1.3. Anyone else seeing this issue? @agillis

I have not seen this issue. Make sure the sonicTransporter and microRendu are upgraded to the latest software.

Contact me on my site if you are still having problems.