Roon 1.3 bug in Tags selection [Ticket open]

Tag browser works ok. I select one or more tags, and in the top action bar delete it. This works, but the action bar does not go away, and can’t be dismissed. It shows 1 selected, even though none is selected. Even if I go to the selection drop-down and hit Select None, the bar remains and cannot be dismissed.

And this action bar obscures the hamburger menu, so I can’t get away.

I eventually found that if I go to the My Tags drop down and toggle the Shared Tags, the action bar goes away.

The problem does not occur as long as the tag remains selected. It is only after I hit Delete that it hangs, the reference to the deleted tag is still there.

But it might be safer (and convenient) if the hamburger menu and the back/forward arrows remain visible on top of the section bar.

There is a ticket in for this. Thanks for the report.

Cheers, Greg

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