Roon 1.3 Build 209 DSD Playback Issues with HQPlayer Desktop: 3.15.1 [Resolved - Build 216]

@support: HQPlayer wants to convert my DSD files to PCM . This only occurs if I played a PCM file previously. If I restart and start with a DSD file then it plays it as DSD.

– what version of Roon you are running: Roon Version 1.3 Build (209)
– What operating system you are running: OSX El Capitan 10.11.4
Basic information about the device you’re using
– Mac Mini Mac Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz ; L2 Cache:3 MB; Memory:8 GB
Describe where your music is stored:
– External Drive: Newer Technology Guardian Maximus 4TB RAID1 connected to iMac via USB3
– Display: Pioneer Plasma Display PDP-5016HD connected via HDMI
– Songs in Library ~40,000 Everything from ALAC, to DSD, FLAC hi-res PCM.
– Running To HQ Player Desktop Version 3.15.1 Via Airport Extreme as a router To Sonore MicroRendu (in NAA mode) To Benchmark HGC DAC2

I should add that normally I would assume this is an issue with HQPlayer, but it only started happening with the Roon 1.3 update. Is Roon failing to reset/hand off file type? I can upload screen captures but don’t see an option for that.

Hi @Tim_Hartford ---- Thank you for the feedback. May I kindly ask you to please provide the following screenshots:

  1. The audio settings you are using in Roon when you notice this behavior.

  2. The signal path coming out of Roon during playback.

  3. HQPlayer settings.


@support, Here you go. The two signal paths show (1) a proper DSD signal path output which I can get when the mac mini is rebooted and the first file played is DSD vs. (2) a signal path where the DSD file is somehow converted to PCM (not desired). This seems to happen whenever a DSD file is first preceded by a PCM file in the queue. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks Eric. Tim

Tim, I notice you haven’t given HQPlayer any headroom for PCM upsampling. Miska recommends -3db as a max volume or turn the actual volume knob down a bit. Or maybe you have turned the volume knob down a bit and I can’t see that from the images.

Sorry, yes unrelated to your problem.

Thanks for that Jeff. Will adjust. Tim

@support, any progress on this? Thanks, Tim

In the main screen of Hqplayer the furthest drop down box to the right change to SDM

I know it happened after the Roon upgrade, but have you tried HQPlayer 3.16?

Why would I do that?

Not yet. Is that the root of the problem? Curious to hear from @support.

Hi @Tim_Hartford — My Apologies for the wait here. I can confirm that we have replicated this behavior in house and a fix has been set into place, pending our next build release.


@Eric, @support, great news! Thanks for the update.

@Eric, @support, at first blush this looks resolved by the latest update. Thanks!

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Hi @Tim_Hartford ----- Thank you for the feedback! If anything comes up please let us know. Happy listening!