Roon 1.3 Build 233 seems stuck on Applying Library Settings [Resolved]

@support After updating to Roon 1.3 Build 233 Roon seems to be stuck applying library settings. The indicator hasn’t moved in the last 12 hours. I am running Roon on a QNAP NAS TVS-882 with over 400K tracks. Is this normal?

What are the specs of your NAS ? Can you also check whether Roon is doing audio analysis at the same time ( it can slow down things) ?

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The QNAP TVS-882 is an Intel I5 6500 cpu at 3.20 GHZ. It has 16 GB RAM, 6 Red WD 6TB HDDs and 2 Samsung EVO 500 SSDs. Firmware version is The Roon library is on one SSD, and the music files reside on the WD HDDs. I checked to see if Roon was analysing audio - it is not. Neither is it adding music to the the library. It is still applying library settings as I write this response.

I rebooted the NAS and it applied all of the library settings: the blue line went to the end and that portion of the dialog box closed. Not sure how or why, but everything appears to be good now.