Roon 1.3 cant find 2 identical drives from the same manufacturer [resolved]

I run ROON 1.3 (build 196) on a MAC MINI i7 CPU, and 16 RAM, with 2 partitions, OSX and Windows 10. The problem I have is only on the Windows setup. No problem in OSX.
I have my music collection on 3 external USB hard drives, named R:, S: and T:. The problem is on the first one, R.

  • T: and S: are always detected with no problems.

  • If I have the three drives plugged in, R won’t be detected by Roon.

  • If I only have R plugged in. or with T, is detected with no problems and I can look into the folder tree and set up the folder watched in Roon.

  • If I then plug in S, R disappears in Roon.

The issue only regards to Roon, as the hard drives works with no problems in the explorer, and with any other software.

Hard Drives S and R are both WD My Passport 2 TB. I’ve tried plugging them direct to the MAC and with a powered Hub, with identical results.

Thanks in advance

Hi @antonio_angel_perdom,

I have a vague idea as to what your problem probably is, but I think we need a log from your system to be able to actually resolve it. Can you do the following for me?

  1. Start your system up in Windows 10
  2. Turn off Roon
  3. Connect all 3 drives
  4. Start Roon and wait a couple minutes
  5. Verify that drive R is not being detected by Roon
  6. Zip up everything in the logs folder (located in the database folder) and upload to Dropbox or similar for me. If you don’t have a convenient place to upload files, let me know and I’ll send you a PM with some instructions.

Thanks, and hopefully we can get this fixed quickly

We have identified the root cause of this problem as a bad interaction between our filebrowser code and WD drives that happen to ship with the same NTFS “Volume ID”, which is a number that is supposed to be unique to a particular drive/partition. We’re working on a fix for Roon to deal with this situation in a better way, but in the short term there is a work around that anyone in this situation can try:

You need to change the Volume ID of one of the two disappearing drives. To do this,

  1. Download the VolumeID program here:
  2. Follow the instructions here:

You may also need to edit your storage locations to point at the correct folders on the drive with the modified ID. You’ll know that you need to edit them if you see “DriveNotReady” or “DirectoryNotReady” in the storage settings page, or if the storage locations seem to contain the music from the wrong drive.

My apologies for the inconvenience, and hopefully we can get a better fix into Roon soon. Let me know if you have any other problems.

It seems to work fine now.

Thank you!