Roon 1.3 "There was an issue loading..... (Qnap and Windows 10)


Roon Client on Mac Pro /Ipad mini.
RoonServer 1.3 on Qnap TVS 471 (16 Gb/SSD) and Windows 10 Pro (Asus motherboard/ 40 Gb/SSD/…

Running RoonServer on Windows PC was quite ok except long time to connect. As this is my reserved solution, I switched back to Qnap. After some trouble, I startet with a fresh database and reinstall of Roon package and restarted Qnap. I was able to connect, but every 10 sek or so it droped out reconnected. I then switched to the Win10 PC, but the clients was not able to detect the Library. Restarted Mac and Win10, not able to find Library. After a while error message: “There was an issue loading your database”… let us know. Now you know.

I reinstalled RoonServer on Win10, now I can connect.