Roon 1.3 : Top Priorities

I believe there is a folder view option coming in 1.3 for those that have a meaningful filesystem folder structure already in place.

I think originally we all thought you wanted to add folders within Roon database for storing or categorizing things.

A folder view option and more allowed watched folders would make my day.
I would not like a " folder management" system in Roon. For me thats not necessary.

Merging folders is a rather complicated and time consumig work.
I started that process. But its slow and its a huge database.

I love what Roon provides in terms of finding, sorting, perusing my albums in the many ways Roon provides… I have several thousand of them now and it is so easy to just lose/forget much of it.

But realistically, there is a folder structure outside of Roon where all the files reside and each in one and only one folder. I have no real desire to “find” music in Roon based on those folders, but I do have a need at times to be able to look up where those files are located while using Roon. To the best of my knowledge there currently is not a way to see where the actual flac files reside. That would be a nice feature.

(and if it’s already there, I’m fine being embarrassed for not knowing :wink:

There is, get out the embarrassed emoticon. Select a track and click the track info button up top of the roon interface.

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I would like a folder based browser only for Greek songs since our language is not Latin based and there are not many online DB’s to support proper tagging. For example:

Vangelis the famous composer can be found also with his Greek name Βαγγέλης Παπαθανασίου. How can I find it? And many many other Greeks. There are mixed tags on the online DB’s. And since I’m Greek I have a lot of albums and I can’t start bookmark them since are all ready fixed.

At my advice there should be this function also for the album and not only for the tracks

Doh! Totally forgot about right-clicking on a track in order to see that “Track info” link. Thank you!

(now to find that embarrassed emoticon… :blush:

Miklats, for the first time ever I get why folder management is so attractive to some folks. Thanks!

I’d like to see a real IOS app that supports all the great things an iPad can do. I should be able to shrink the album covers to have more displayed on the screen or expand them and just have a couple larger album covers. In other words ROON for IOS should conform to the IOS standards. I’m surprised that Apple actually gave their blessing to the ROON app the way it works. At minimum the ROON app should be able to look and work as well is the excellent iPENG OR JRemote apps.

However, don’t think I don’t love being a ROON user. The program is awesome. Even with some of its teething issues. I can’t wait for ROON 1.3, and 2.0, and 3.0 …

Makes me glad I’m a lifetime user.
Keep up the great work guys!

When is 1.3 coming out!?!?!

PS: Changed my original post… As a NYer it is completely inappropriate…

When it is ready. As always. Every time someone makes a post like this they add a day to the release date. :sob:

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Not really, but I understand it doesn’t help either…

LOL. Thanks Miguel!!!

I like the “polyarchy” thought. As long as the MQAs are properly tagged, it works for me. Great post.

It doesn’t really slow things down cos the devs are too busy polishing their new baby to respond and they leave it to us mods and, in true Sergeant Schultz style, we know nothing ! Nothing has been said beyond the published hope of sometime in January 2017.


If it is February or March that would be ok too.
The smaller the number of inevitable bugs, the better…

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Although I don’t think it will happen, I sometimes fantasise that Roon might publish the issues resolved logs for each alpha build of a major release as a single list. It would be a bit of an eyeopener for those who downplay the time and resources required to add or change features in Roon. As @miklats says, there will be inevitable bugs, but it won’t be because every button hasn’t been pressed on every screen etc. etc.

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It’s good to remember that the ones and zeros on your hard drive are not actually physically organized into “folders” or “directories”, it’s just a convenient data structure in many instances.

Very true. Most of all, the volume slider should always show. But as Christoph says, it is way to twitchy to make small volume adjustments. Ideally, the volume control would “grow,” like the option for a Mac dock, to allow fine-tuning when you slow down during volume control changes.