Roon 1.4 Feedback

Good job Roon. Like the new features. Always looking forward to what’s next.

Thats fine with me but at least we should be able to pick from a list of peq presets. A list isnt that difficult to display. I saved a preset for all my headphones. And it makes a lot of sense to use them with my iPhone. Again, i dont need to see the peq, just a list of presets.


There were some generalized optimizations for RAAT in this build. No changes for the squeezebox family.

We received some Schiit hardware recently. As soon as our QA team assembles up a clear bug report, developers over here will be looking into it and working with Schiit to resolve (@support).

No, but things were not resolved in time for 1.4.

I am not aware of any changes made in this area. NAS’s have always been very hit-or-miss in terms of delivering change notifications when files are added. Roon works correctly when they arrive, as far as I know. (@ben, in case you have more input)

Understood and agreed. This is on the roadmap.


I have the same feeling, without the beers (playback through PS Audio Direct Stream DAC). Since it was already bit perfect, is it possible that it has actually improved? Reduced jitter maybe?

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Yes I totally agree, this is really annoying.
Roon @danny is it possible that you can fix this in the future.

And there used to be a shortcut for AUDIO settings via the zone picker. Now if I have to go to the audio settings I have to go to the right pane and open settings. I was so used to that shortcut, now it is gone.

can you put a shortcut to SETTINGS in the new zone selection pop up

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I get that but I think that it is such an edge case that I can’t see it happening. In reality you are asking a generic system to be enhanced to replace a gamut of human sense decisions and balances for a small core of people who have lots of multiple different versions of tracks and who care about which one gets played. I know a lot of people on this forum have been involved in software decisions and this case would drop off the end of any persona and scenario session.
When the AI and web components kick in in roon vXX then you have a chance but up to then whatever roon delivered wouldn’t be right as you need incredible specificity.
I’m part of the use case myself I’ve got loads of different versions of some albums because I’m a sucker :slight_smile: but if I want to hear a specific version I go find it and play it - if I can remember which one I like best, that’s another story.
This isn’t an attempt at having a dig, just having been in computers or 30+ years ranking and winnowing of use cases becomes inbuilt.

You can access device setup, DSP and those by pressing/clicking on the speaker symbol in Zone-selection.

What I want I consider rather simple. For me it is sufficient for Radio that it puts preference to play the lossless version instead of the compressed one when both are available. Maybe this can be made rather simple when Radio version 2 will be integrated. No need for me to do much ranking. I was only asked by someone else how I would see this could be done and answered to this question not intending to appear requesting a lot of AI power for selection of best SQ, which is much debateable. I can clearly hear the difference between compressed (MP3, or ogg) and lossless (CD or better) on good quality recordings. Beyond this SQ differences for me get too small to be relevant for Radio. As it is the Radio function, it is irrelevant what mastering it is or so, since the one that has been selectd was that one. Of course one can argue that it is the same for a selected MP3. But agiain I would avoid to play MP3s when Hires of the same track is in the library.

The same request comes up periodically with respect to “best” artwork. A lot of controversy there also as to what constitutes “best”. So a comprehensive, consistent solution to something so subjective in both the visual/audio domains looks a long way off.

But roon already auto-selects a “primary” album where you have multiple versions. The default is highest bit-rate but you can manually over-ride, if you prefer a particular mastering or live recording etc. It’s not a comprehensive solution by any means but maybe a simple consistency check by radio to use tracks from already selected “primary” albums would go a long way. I am not sure but is this not already happening in shuffle? (I am away on business and cannot easily check).

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When the dsf-dsd palyback problem will be solved? thanks

If you use the new shuffle play action to play a playlist, no tracks will ever be duplicated and you will see exactly the order they will play in by looking at the upcoming queue.

Why are you visiting the setting so often? Help me understand the use case you have

Just acquired a USB 3 Camera adapter and with my Meridian Explorer 2. I am listening to MQA from Tidal on my iPad Pro. Now I need some decent headphones. I’ll have a word with Santa…
That’s a decent extra zone. Thanks Roon team.


What fo you do in audio settings so often that you need faster snd easier access to it?

Oops, I know see that Danny already asked this question.

I think it’s more that Mac/Linux are hit-or-miss with receiving change notifications for SMB things than that NAS’s are bad at delivering them. Otherwise this sounds exactly right to me, there aren’t changes to this in 1.4.

Then why not just delete them?

I think generally it already does this through the Primary Version function. There must be something else going on that is bypassing that logic, like an unrecognized album or a best of compilation where Roon is not identifying that the track from that best of is also represented on a Hi Res album.

That said, I don’t understand why people suggest deleting the MP3 portion of one’s collection as a remedy. One of Roon’s goals is to organize a music collection without a lot of manual work. Weeding through MP3s to delete duplicates while avoiding deleting anything where that is your only copy could be quite time consuming.

Yes, I also noticed the SQ improvement. Thanks ROON :gift::christmas_tree:

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