Roon 1.4 / HQplayer Random Stops

I’m using roon server on a windows 10 PC running Audiophile Optimizer. Since upgrading to 1.4 I’m experiencing random drops when playing to HQplayer 3.19.1 running on the same machine. I’m outputting to a IFI micro iDSD BL at DSD 512. Once playback stops I can’t restart…hqplayer stutters. Disconnecting and reconnecting the DAC followed by restarting HQplayer and then Roon server (in that order) restores playback, until the next random stop. I did not have this problem prior to the 1.4 update.

Thanks for your help.


Hello @zorntel,

Can you describe your setup in all the details ?
Can you also take a screenshot of your Signal Path when this issue appears?