Roon 1.5 Build 334 (64bit) unable to find my Sotm 200 Ultra

Hello @support, after powering off and then again on my Sotm 200 Ultra, all of a sudden Roon doesn’t find it anymore in the Settings/Audio page. I have power cycled my Mac Mini (running Linux) Roon Core computer, my switch, my router, my modem and the Sotm 200 Ultra several times, but without results. This is weird, as the same setup has been working for over a year already.

My modem is feeding a Aiport Extreme, which functions as the DHCP server, from which an ETH cabel goes into a Netgear GS105 switch. Both my Mac Mini and Sotm 200 Ultra are also connected to the switch. I am able to stream Tidal on the Mac Mini and was able to update the Sotm software to the lates version: V0.4.22, so both devices have access to the internet and are working properly.

How should I proceed to get the system working again?

After reading up on this, is it necessary for Sotm 200 Ultra to be attached to a device that plays sound or will not otherwise show up? The Mutec MC-3+ to which the Sotm 200 Ultra is attached broke down, so no I have now path forward from the Sotm. Could it actually be that when I have my Mutec repaird, everything will be ok?

Thank you for sharing your report with us, @Peter_Groenlund!

So we can gain some additional insight into what may be occurring here, may I ask that you please verify the following:

  • Do you have any active firewall or antivirus on your Core machine? If so, try disabling them and see if there is any change in behavior here.
  • Are you able to use the Sotm device outside of Roon?
  • Are you able to see other endpoints in Roon?


Hey Peter,

Yes, will need to have an audio device attached to the SoTM for it to be visible in Roon. If you connect a DAC (or the Mutec after its return), my bet is that all will be fine.

Thx a lot for the help. Will have to try out once I get my Mutec from repair.