Roon 1.5 MQA DirectStream Junior Issues


The PS Audio DirectStream Junior is a Roon ready device. Using its Network Bridge II, if I turn off the Roon DSP engine, the Tidal MQA signal is passed on to the DSJ like normal and plays well.

I much prefer to use the Roon DSP engine. When I play Tidal MQA over The Bridge (ethernet) post the 1.5 update, the DSJ shows that its receiving the MQA signal, but there are a number of issues.

Either no sound comes out, or its garbled, or it plays for 20 seconds and then no sound comes out.

In the Roon Settings, MQA Renderer & Decoder is activated.

I’ve tried the Roon DSP engine with and without DSD upsampling. Same issues.

Guidance would be appreciated.


Known issue, changed to Decoder only for now, PSAudio/Conversdigital will have to update the firmware to allow decode and rendering with DSP.

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Thanks for posting over at the PSA site Larry. Appreciate it…

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Would it help if I contact PS Audio also?

Already done

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What section contains your post over at the PSA forums? I can’t find it…

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Thanks. Does the whole MQA DSP thing work over USB with the DS or DSJ?

You’ll get something the DSJ can play for sure, I believe it will be a wav, as the unit itself can’t decode MQA.

I would suffer no stress over this…Ted has said the MQA folks looked over or received a detailed flow of what he’s doing in the FPGA and they had no issues with it. I read this to mean they were freaking impressed and said ‘yeah MQA adds nothing to the mix here. Nice job.’

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