Roon 1.5: Naim Atom is "uncertified"


After updating to 1.5, the audio settings page states that my Roon-Ready Naim Atom is uncertified and may not work properly. Also, the little sketch of the Atom is gone and replaced with a generic speaker sketch.

Music still plays, and I cannot discern a difference, but I am concerned that the Atom may not be fully functional with Roon 1.5.

Nothing else has changed on my network, except the update to 1.5.

Naim Atom firmware is up to date.

Is there something I need to do to ensure Roon 1.5 recognizes the Atom?


Is your phone/tablet running 1.5 also?

Also see here


Iphone and Ipad are updated to 1.5.

Disabling and re-enabling the Atom did not fix the issue.

Hello @Bruce_Elwood,

Could you take a screenshot of your Settings>Audio screen showing the Naim unit?


Will do … over the weekend.

Mines working fine since the update,

I have the same problem. I’ve disabled and re-enabled, to no avail.


Hello @Richard_Robbins,

Can you please do the following steps

  1. Restart the computer that is running your Roon Core
  2. Fully power cycle the Naim Uniti Atom (pulling the plug would be the best way to ensure this)
  3. Take a screenshot when the device reappears in Roon when clicking the “i” button to show more information


The problem was resolved by following the process you outlined.

Thank you very much.

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The issue was resolved for me as well, by fully rebooting everything in the audio pathway. (I probably should have tried that first before posting.)


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