Roon 1.6 and More Covers [Fix underway]

Users of some iPads, including my Mini 3, will note that in 1.6 More Covers isn’t playing nicely when a Focus is selected:

This was a known issue before the release of 1.6, but everything else was ready before a fix was finished. I understand a fix is in the works and should be in one of the bugfix releases following on 1.6.

I have the option enabled to show more covers that results in 3 rows (3 x 7) of albums in album view. When using the inspector to focus on something specific the view changes to 2 rows (2 x 4). This was not the case before the UI change.

Bug or something that I overlooked to set?

It has to make room for the tags list and how it does it probably varies screen by screen. In my tablet the albums reduce in size a bit so they can still all be squeezed in. Perhaps with the new footer there just isn’t the space for you any more?

I have noticed the same. Yes with focus it goes to two rows. However the cover art is bigger and the number of Albums is less than before. If I go to settings and turn off allow for more covers then I get 2 by 5. More and not less!

Seems like there is a bug here. This is on an iPad remote. I have not checked this on my Windows pc yet which is why I had not reported this earlier. I will check later when I am back at the pc.

There’s a bug in for this.

This issue has been resolved and we can expect to see the fix in the next release (good lord willin’ and if’n the creek don’t rise).