Roon 1.6 (Build 416) Feedback

A Topic to discuss and provide feedback on Build 416.

Release notes can be found here: Roon 1.6 (Build 416) Is Live!


Such a big improvement to the Android tablet experience.


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Agreed, much faster on Samsung Tab A and my Motorola phone. Well done…

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Very pleased with the performance improvements on my Synology DS916+. Roon is noticeably speedier.

The latest update has been fantastic. The UI is much snappier and so far, my remote hasn’t lost connection to the core once (knock on wood, fingers crossed). It was losing connection CONSTANTLY prior to this update and for a few artists where I have hundreds of releases/albums, the UI was painfully laggy. All of this seems to be fixed now.

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I was able to play two whole albums to my Chromecast Audio today without losing connection once! Kudos.

I am not seeing any Roon updates in the App Store…

There is an Android one but not apple as yet…

Yup, iOS releases generally lag other platforms due to Apple’s App Store approval process.

As mentioned in the release notes:

It will be live once they approve it :slight_smile:

Usually, it’s a day or so behind…

Definitely much snappier for me too - for example, searches taking 1-2 seconds rather than 4-5. Thanks Roon team :sunglasses:

One slight anomaly, the release notes state:

Also in today’s release, we’ve also fixed the annoying “double load” behavior on Artist details, so the page loads more smoothly for artists with lots of albums.

I never noticed this behaviour before, but it seems to happen all the time for me now on different Android control devices with this release. Search for an artist, click the artist link, the albums appear briefly, disappear with the rippling squid, then reappear again.

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Noticed speed improvements running Mac Mini as core, iMac, iPad and OnePlus 6T as remotes…much smoother and no time lag between screen shifts…never had any doubts that the Roon team would fix things…thanks Guys😁

Double load is the same for me on my One Plus 5. Search whilst not had an especially long wait is still slow compared to no streaming services on average 4-5 secs some a bit longer.

Just to add a bit more about the Android tablet experience improvements.

I’m using a 3 year old tablet that’s not exactly peppy and the new app version is truly fast and there don’t seem to be any of the orientation issues from which the previous app suffered.

Yep, it’s available.

I have the exact same symptoms on my Pixel 2 XL.

I have not yet updated all Controllers but i have updated two Cores based on Linux, one QNAP Native and one ROCK on a brand new NUC8i3BEH.

Both have databases on SSD/NVMe and storage on spinning disk. However, i don’t see any substantial improvement in search speed, it stays between 1-3seconds in most cases with the occasional “lost patience” 5-15secs. Which means, the same figures i’ve been experiencing since 1.6 and Qobuz.

I still hate the Discover screen on iOS, it is barely used at all since it’s behavior is way to slow and irrational. And that is sad, because i like it’s contents om most occasions.

Otherwise, i have adapted to the Roon 1.6 behaviour by searching in Qobuz or Tidals apps or in Lightning DS and then adding to favorites rather than in Roon. I also tend to create Bookmarks and Tags for my most used library selections. In Roon i have considered deactivating my streaming accounts as behaviour improves quite noticeably while searching.

All in all, behaviour now is rather similar to the one i have been experiencing since february(?) when i have performed regular restarts of Roon Core.

That said, i also experince a slightly “snappier feel” of the Controllers GUI while browsing through my librarys Album-section or clicking on artist/album/track-links. Also, the Focus-function is very quick and responsive.

There’s definitely some improvement. The “double loading” issue on the artist details page is fixed on Windows. Tag pages seem to load more quickly too. We’ll see if any of the other slowness issues persist, especially during heavy Friday evening usage!

Nothing seriouly broken I’d say but none of the essentials addressed. Since so more or less the 3rd update in a row which is free from sense. We’ll see if Brian remembers what he wanted to get fixed, but ok, he mention ‘later this year’ and there’s a couple of months left.

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