Roon 1.6 (Build 475) Loses Control of Sonos 10.5 Play 5, Mac OS 10.15.1 for any music source

Core Machine:

MacBook Pro (SSD and RAM maxed out)
Mac OS X 10.15.1
Roon 1.6 Build 475, Stable, 64 Bit.
Sonos 10.5

Roon 1.6 (Build 475) Loses Control of Sonos 10.5 Play 5 (Master Bedroom) audio zone selection

This occurs within seconds of starting playback in Roon for any music source from Music Library, Tidal, or Internet Radio.

Interestingly, when picking AirPlay to Master Bedroom in the Audio Zone, which has same IP as Sonos 10.5 Play 5 , Roon plays the music source immediately, and there is absolutely no problem in continuing to play the source.

Music Library is on SSD MacBook Pro Harddrive.

I also stream Tidal and have created Internet Radio Stations.

Core on MacBook Pro is hard-wired to Netgear Router

When calling up Sonos app alone, Sonos indicates some source is playing in Master Bedroom, Source is labeled with long name.flac Not sure where that source is coming from…

Do you do any up-sampling in Roon? If so, does your problem go away when you disable the up-sampling?

No, I do not upsample.

Hi @Robert_Connors,

Just to confirm, you are playing to the Sonos zone by itself and you are experiencing these issue, the Sonos Play 5 is not being grouped with any other zones, correct?

How is the Sonos connected to the network, is it using WiFi? Is there any change in behavior if you temporarily connect this via Ethernet?

Do you experience any issues if you try to play to “System Output” on your Mac?

Thank you for your reply. To clarify, under Settings, Audio, Network Devices, I see two options to connect to Sonos. One is labeled Airplay Master Bedroom, and another is labeled Sonos 5 (Master Bedroom). Both have the same IPs.

The Sonos is wireless connected; my core is on a MacBook Pro and is ethernet connected.

No Zones are grouped.

Current situation recap: There is absolutely no issue connecting to the Sonos via Airplay, from either the core, or from an iMac in my living room (used as a remote), or from an old AirBook (used as a remote.)… However, when connecting either from the MacBook Pro core, the iMac, or AirBook, to the Sonos 5 Master Bedroom, the connection is made for 2 seconds, and immediately loses the connection with an error message.

Experiment 1: When I change Roon audio settings to MacBook Pro System Output, and then pick Master Bedroom from the pick list under the speaker icon on the MacBook Pro, Roon plays nicely to the Sonos 5 in the Master Bedroom.

Experiment 2: I connected Sonos 5 to my router directly using an Ethernet cable. I made sure that wireless was also turned on in the core MacBook Pro settings. I then unconnected ethernet cable from Sonos to router. Result is that the AirPlay connection choice disappears from the choice in Roon Network. I can only now pick Sonos 5 choice under Network. Situation resolved, thanks.

Hi @Robert_Connors,

Thank you for the update here, glad to hear that the two experiments helped clear up some of the issues. Just to clarify, are you now able to use both the Airplay input and the Sonos Roon input and they both work as expected? These should both be accessible on a standard setup, without having to remove Ethernet cables.

Noris: For whatever reason, Roon now only shows Sonos 5 (Master Bedroom) as an option. (Not sure how the Roon output is sent to Sonos…is it using Airplay?)

Nonetheless, the Roon Network option previously shown as Airplay (Master Bedroom) has disappeared.

I can still play to System Output on the MacBook Pro core option on Roon, while setting the actual MacBook Pro speaker output on the task bar to Master Bedroom.

Hi @Robert_Conners,

Can you please share a screenshot of your Roon Settings -> Audio tab?

Also, would it be possible for you to send me a copy of your Roon Logs by using these instructions? It’s certainly strange that the airplay option disappeared.

AirPlay option has mysteriously re-appeared. See attached. Both AirPlay and Sonos 5 options work to play.

Hi @Robert_Connors,

Strange that both appeared, maybe you reset something on the network such as the router? In either case, glad to hear that both are operational!

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