Roon 1.6 crashes when clicked on product id in Credits of an album [Ticket in]

Roon crashes when I click on the product id in Credits of an album. Have tried this with several albums in my library.

Bam! Confirmed, it sure does.

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Thanks guys, we’ll try to reproduce the problem and get this fixed.

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Hi, @Vikram_Sharda, @frankg, thanks for your report, I was able to reproduce this. I put a ticket in for our developers.




Just clicked on the product number in credits on my iPad Pro and it crashes the app.

Why would you do that? You ask. Rioja I reply :joy:

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And Label too :frowning: Please to fix it.

Hi. I can repeatedly crash the iOS app on my iPhone X (Software all latest versions, Roon 1.6, build 390): go to album (see screenshot) and tap on the Product code (under Label).
Shouldn’t happen…
Thanks for taking care!


Already reported and bug raised.

Thank you.
Two questions:
/ Was this a proper way to report a bug?
/ Should I solve it now, or when the bug is fixed, or will you close this thread, or merge it?

I’m just a user but yes this is the proper place and you don’t have to do anything further!
Just as a quick tip, have a quick search of the forum before posting to see if it is a duplicate. Saves you time :blush:

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Yes, absolutely. Thank you!

Merged these posts over here, so everything is in one place :slight_smile:

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When clicking on the product number Roon Control App crashes.
I use Windows 10 Pro with all updates.
First little glitch so far. Nothing problematic. Just wanted to report it.


Confirmed. Windows 10

Huh. MacOS Mojave also, both stored and Tidal/Qobuz albums.

Confirmed IOS 11.4.1

Ditto 11.4.1

Crashing on catalogue number too.

This is fixed for our next release guys – thanks all!

Can you guys confirm exactly where you’re clicking and on what album? I want to make sure we catch all these cases:

Tears for Fears, Songs From the Big Chair. []

Clicking on links for Country and Catalog. Label okay.

Edit: Checked a few other albums (local library) on iPad with similar result.



What I exactly do is : I simply click on the product number. No more, no less. It automatically crashes the Control App