Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

I will not be able to look until Sunday, but I will search then. I am pretty sure it was mentioned here in the last week or so. Ian

One thing I noticed on iOS is when I click on the Search icon, the keyboard sometimes doesn’t automatically show up.

e.g. I just clicked it from the Now Playing screen, and it displayed. But clicking it from the Albums list doesn’t.

You can turn off the 30 second notification pop-up in Settings/Setup here:


It does not stop the “Why did you skip the song pop-up”.

Thanks, pity there isn’t a toggle for the skipped track question though.

You might look at Feature Requests and see if someone has already requested such. If so, add you post in support. If not, then start a new Feature Request.

Sorry, that must have been it. I suspect that a feature request for this would be strongly supported.

Put in the request…

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Any update on artist photo updates? Thought I read that the stretched, poorly cropped, and otherwise poor artist photos on the now playing screen would be fixed with new photos being rolled out on back end servers. Not seeing much improvement. And my library is pretty mainstream. Is this as good as it’s going to be?

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I do see a lot of improvement in the last week. Probably a stupid suggestion, but maybe restart Roon after cleaning cache and full stop, could lead to better results?

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Thanks. I’ll give that a try.

Images are not displayed in a good way on the playing now screen (iPad as example), please look into this @support

For what it’s worth, I’m starting to like the now playing screen when good quality images are available.

Like this:

It will be a monumental task for Roon to ensure image quality across the board. I’ve started looking for better images on the net when I see one that has heads cut off etc.

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Read the thread you are posting in, this has been addressed and acknowledged by roon.

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I’m getting used to those extreme close-ups…this is what sets Roon apart from other players :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Yes it’s sort of a social commentary on the idealization of popular figures whereas a closeup reveals their average-person-like humanity. :star_struck:

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At least he has a close-up image…about 45% of my Tidal Artists have the Grey Hash box.

…I made a bet about my posts, lets see what happens…

I had to add photos for about 250 artists. Rote as that sounds, you’d be surprised at what pops from Google searches and it is more diverting a process than you might think. It’s all part of the hobby.