Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

Can someone please tell me where the DSP for each audio device is at?

Report the album track and it will get sorted.

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Ah , yes. Super.

Congrats to all concerned at Roon. Just updated to 1.6 and having a play with it. My only (minor) gripe is that the new Radio “bar” on the right hand side of the screen seems to take up a large amount of screen space on my iPad remote and is a bit intrusive a minor quibble, but one I did notice immediately.

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Sometimes Roon radio choose Tidal or Qobuz over local files… why is this?

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@Cantodea click on queue at the bottom of the screen then click the three dots at the top of the new screen then select if you want radio restricted to your library or to use Tidal and Quboz?

The new Radio is working well… great to have it use the streaming services. Excellent for discovery and the music seems well matched to the initial selection.
Good stuff.


That’s not what I want! I like the idea, but whena file is present in my own library, it should take local file first. What is more, Roon Radio choose sometimes inferieur AAC files instead of Flac…

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Very happy with the new release!

The thing I am most excited for: fixing the orientation issue on my 2018 iPad Pro 12.9"!!!

Automatic volume leveling don’t work in Qobuz though, will that be fixed? @brian ?

Would you mind to give an example ?

Volume leveling don’t seem to work on any Qobuz tunes, for example Dirty Computer with Janelle Monae, it always used the setting for when volume information is unknown.

@brian@Joel Any updates on fixes for Android phones with integrated DAC’s regarding playback…e.g. LG V30


Happy to have Qobuz in Roon. Cool. Using a iPad Pro 11 I am not able to get it to work on portrait mode. Any suggestions for what I need to do to get this to work?

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About Soundiiz, don’t be worry, both TIDAL and Qobuz are in partnership with Soundiiz. You will be able to transfer all your music datas (including playlists, favorites albums artists and tracks) easily !

See more information here and


Is it possible to set “Only show my library” to Yes by default in settings?

When searching, I should not have to toggle this to Yes every single time.

thank you.

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Hey @Magnus. We asked our partners at Qobuz to calculate volume normalization numbers for every track in their catalog, because this data did not exist and we felt that it was a important part of the Roon user experience. This is currently a work-in-progress because the catalog consists of tens of millions of tracks, but volume normalization data are being added for more tracks every day. I can’t say when the data will be complete, but this is probably why it’s not working for you at the moment.


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No. But if you do several consecutive searches in a row setting you’ve picked is preserved