Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

Just click the Speaker (Volume) icon at the bottom right.

Cheers, Greg

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Understood. Thank you for your explanation, regardless, Geoff.

If anything, this interaction illustrates (to me) how far in the weeds the user experience has fallen.

It wasn’t what you yourself wrote, in particular, it’s more the idea that the two options you presented highlight that things have gotten a bit too convoluted, again, in my opinion.

I do apologize for my tone.

As for the new update, a) I already own a music collection which I paid for, and b) I could give a f*ck as to what some algorithm thinks I should listen to next.

I want Roon to stream and organize the digital music I own.

#2 - Fix whatever issues so I can listen to my music over a VPN.
#1 - Add functionality so I can add my own album reviews and artist biographies. You already allow this for other metadata, just open up those fields !


I’ll second that. I have quite a few albums/artists that are unlikely to ever make it onto the major databases that I would like to add summaries/reviews to.


Stilll no vertical scrolling?


Yep, agreed.

Down thumb on the left and up thumb on the right please
Intuitively it’s backwards


Downgrade possibility would be nice. Current interface is not my cup of tea. I would never buy a licencse based on than look.

Roon doesn’t support optional downgrading. If multiple branches had to be supported and tested, development would get completely bogged down.

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utterly irrelevant.

Awesome, thanks!

To be fair, the dude in the pic is one of the creators of the show. It still looks awful, though.

I like the new UI

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The 1.6 update is really beautiful. I really love almost everything about it. Also, Roon now finally fills the screen of my new iPad Pro! It’s been said elsewhere, but many of the artist photos are being cropped in an awkward fashion. I’m sure this will be improved over time. Having managed the design of hero image assets for years, I know how challenging a strong horizontal space can be. Planning to dig into Qobuz and hoping Apple Music will see value in offering HiDef audio so that it too might see integration in Roon. Great release.

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I agree, it looks like it is not a part of the GUI, and it sort feels like it is in the way of the rest. It looks lkke the bar doesn’t scale correctly.that is why it looks odd.

Hi, have you tried that? I did and none of my favourites made to Qobuz. I can still se them in Tidal, Soundiiz process was successful but nothing is showing in Qobuz…

  1. Woke up this morning (installed 1.6 yesterday) and artist is suddenly sorted z-a.

  2. In classical, some artists who I carefully changed from say, blah blah quartet to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart have started showing up again.

  3. The room radio is like a video game - quick! Make a decision before it disappears or sit there until it appears. I would like to see the choice the entire time the previous song plays - like previous versions - or put in a knob

  4. The (ipad client) Graphic Design has taken a step back in my opinion. The round combined with the rectangular looks out of place and weird. The player at the bottom needs a little more thought to look integrated into the UI

  5. How the f do I turn off random? And how the hell did Intuen it on in the first place?

Overall, I very much like 1.6. My only complaint is the way Roon Radio is implemented when there is no linked subscription account (Tidal or Qobuz). From the description of the update, and from the behavior of the player, I understand that the Roon Radio feature does not use the new “machine learning” or other Roon users’ data to populate the queue. If the “machine learning” process is taking place on Roon equipment, and it is based (at least in part) on data that Roon has, why not implement it for users who don’t subscribe to Tidal or Qobuz? This seems unfair to those of us who only play locally stored content.



Here’s some thoughts after (just) a day with this new version, mainly on UI for now :

  • Playback control buttons on the right and Queue, Zone and Volume buttons appear to be too small compared to previous UI. Why does waveform have to take all the width available ?
  • Like button missing in compact play view
  • When going on expanded play view, I think Artist photo should be the first and default view , if there’s interest in lyrics, bio or review, we can switch
  • Color change between compact and expanded playview bar (from gray to brown) feels strange. Why not stay in gray ?

That’s all for now.

Roon Radio is pretty much useless for me at the moment. It keeps playing the same 20 or so albums and the same 30 or so artists when i start it. Also it keeps playing classic rock most of the time in the Pop/Rock genre radio even if this subgenre just takes only about 10 % of my saved albums.