Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

(Danny Dulai) #1089

we will fix the contrast issue here in the next build.

(G_Man) #1090

The Random radio is too random and makes no sense. I don’t know how it is making these connections - I wish I remembered the couple of bizarre examples before I turned off the radio.

I think the concept is good, and if the radio was doing a good job of finding similar songs I would use it to find new artists / new music. But so far it does not seem to be.

(Andy Newell) #1091

Feedback? Hang on, let me get my glasses…

Ah yes, here we go: My feedback is that the ophthalmologist told me I had “fighter pilot eyes” at age 18. Nearly three decades later, I do not have good close-up vision. I sincerely hope that the roon devs will stay forever young and eagle-eyed. When you get old, you start to tell meandering pointless stories, and your vision gets worse.

The player text is too damn small to read, and the buttons are laughably small. I use an iPhone 7, an iPad Mini 2, and 2 hi-dpi Windows laptops as my control devices. You know those clownishly large flip-phones they sell in the back of AARP magazines? That’s what I want in a roon remote UI. Volume up button on the far right, volume down on the far left, and a big ol’ dead space in between. Make the important control buttons wider than the finger that operates them, and separate them by more than one button-width.

As a feature request, I wish there was a permanently-defined group zone for “all zones together”. That would give me one click to whole-house music without… needing to find my glasses. Even better if it had persistent relative volume settings, so I can declare zone 1 is always n volume steps higher than zone 2 to achieve equal SPL, etc.

(Sean) #1092

The Tidal app (desktop and even mobile) is significantly better in many cases.

I raised this a while ago here, as a feature request:

(One and a Half) #1093

just to mirror many other posts, (was) happy 1.4/1.5 user for 12 months…

  • about the grey progress oscilloscope presentation, yes butt ugly
  • too easy to progress with the wrong way when handling an iPad
  • search too much white/black space, to many clicks to view all albums
  • search graphics are circular chopping off the artwork, yak! What are you thinking, the … fashion, guess the rest?
  • Biggest complaint is the slow indexer. When an album was added with 1.5 it would appear in the library at the same the copy to disk finished, now it’s several minutes for the album to appear in its entirety.
  • There’s also no choice to keep the older version without the NAG screen forcing the update.
  • Qobuz <- don’t use it (nor Tidal), so a waste for me personally and far too late for those wanting.
  • Where’s the remote access and streaming, WAN access, that’s important!

One plus is the parametric equalizer, however should be disabled in DSD native mode, since a conversion to PCM is required to carry out equalisation and other tricks.
Radio has also improved, for a pure classical library though, that’s kinda silly.

(Steve) #1094

Probably too busy making gross generalisations, and pulling others up on their comments …:wink:

(Spencer Marquart) #1095

Here’s another instant classic!


Sometimes Radio works perfekt, somtimes it’s really bad. Example: Recently I heard “More Heart Stories” from Luke Howard. In the next few hours the radio music was great and fit exactly to the album. But when I heard “Pianette” from Bruno Sanfilippo (Quiet Neo-Classical Piano), Radio was incredible. In the following pieces I had to click away any female voices. I wonder what any sung songs have to do with quiet piano music? It only got better when I activated my own library.


(Paul) #1097

Absolutely right!
Sara is in the queue.

(David Orgel) #1098

Yes. I’m doing this currently. Note that there is a lot of overlap between the Tidal and Qobuz libraries, but depending on your musical tastes and your feelings about MQA vs. high-res FLAC, one or the other service may meet your needs without having to pay for both.

(Philo Melos) #1099

After 10 days of using 1.6 I’m still having problems getting used to the new U.I.
Maybe it’s because I’m 'n old man, but it’s not as half intuitive as it was before. Sometimes I’m clicking around a lot and feeling lost.
I’m sorry to say, but in this state I wouldn’t recommend Roon to any of my friends.

The cosmetic changes I also dislike. Why Roon Radio showing so prominently when not using it? Show it when it’s getting used, if not hide it. Now playing, etc.

Like Qobuz streaming as an alternative, but there’s something wrong with metadata on a lot of classical albums. On Qobuz metadata is alright, in Roon it’s mostly gone. (see for example Mozart 225 boxsets complete duo’s, or stringquartets) Makes it unusable and that’s a shame. Hope it will be fixed.

There’s also a bug: when removing a song playing from a playlist. After removing the queue stops playing.


1.6 is so much faster than 1.5/4 And it doesn’t slow down over time on an open end point like the old versions did.
Very well done here

(Stephen Graham) #1101

This is a strong release, particularly the enhancement of Roon Radio. It’s wonderful to be turned on to new music that fits what I’m interested in but I might otherwise never know about. A big plus. I also like the new Now Playing screen and related options. It would be nice in future if more customizing was also extended to the recently added Chromecast Now Playing screen. Perhaps that will come in a future release. On a side note, it was very disappointing to learn that Google are discontinuing the Chromecast. Very unfortunate. Anyway, thank you to all the Roon staff for your great work.

(John Walker) #1102

I guess I’m just not as sensitive to UI changes as others - most of the time, I don’t notice them at all! And same here - I don’t see that anything has changed enough to worry about :wink:

That said, I agree with some others the “now playing” screen should feature the album cover more prominently - frankly, I don’t really care about artist pictures (particularly for classical selections, which remain the bulk of my collection).

I also note (along with many others) there does not seem to be a way to “favorite” a currently-playing track, either in “regular” playback mode or in the “radio” mode - surely this is an oversight and not a conscious design decision? Makes no sense.

Otherwise, great job, particularly in integrating Qobuz finally! Thrilled with this addition to my listening pleasure :slight_smile: though I’ll note I’m still bugged by having both the Qobuz streaming version and the Qobuz purchased version listed separately in my library - should be “stacked” as versions, IMHO.


Congratulations to the Roon team. This update is awesome!

(Markus Hübner) #1104

Hm strange, as especially the new radio feature is unfortunately not really intuitive.
Showcased to a few users and nearly all encountered the same problems.

(Anders Vinberg) #1105

When a Roon is playing an album in your library, either a local file or streamed, you can favorite the track right on the Now Playing page:

To favorite the whole album, you need to go to the album (touch the cover).
For an album that is not 8n your library, you cannot favorite it because there is no database entry where the favorite marking could be stored (Brian acknowledged this is an old decision that he wishes he can undo).

However, there is also a bug (reported): if you click Add to Library, you still can’t favorite it, even if you click on the album, have to go to the album browser and open the album there.

(John Walker) #1106

Thanks - I seldom use the “now playing” page, so didn’t even see that.

(Andrew Cox) #1107

How are you finding it non-intuitive ? Roon Radio requires no user input except to answer a question or two when skipping tracks.

(Robert ) #1108

Exactly what problems were encountered? Describe.