Roon 1.6 Lyrics window doesn't update when next song starts

Hi, in earlier version, the roon lyrics window would automatically switch to the next song’s lyrics when the song started. Now in 1.6 it doesn’t seem to do that. Is this a bug or a feature not supported any more?

Hi @Vikram_Sharda,

Where are you looking at the lyrics window? Is this for a Chromecast or Display Zone or is this in the Roon App of the Core? I just tried playing two tracks with lyrics and they both switched fine for me on both Chromecast and on my Core, please provide some more information as to where you’re seeing this behavior.


Which lyrics window? The one in the “now playing” window or the one you get by going to the three dots menu of a track?

The one we get to by clicking on the three dots.

That one doesn’t update to the new song because you are picking the lyrics of a specific song and not one that is necessarily playing.

For example, let’s say you are listening to “More Than a Feeling” which is the first song on Boston’s self-titled album. While listening, you can go to the 7th song, “Something About You” and read the lyrics. You wouldn’t expect the lyrics to suddenly change when the first song ends and the second song begins.

Having said all of that, we should have an option to display the lyrics the old way or the new way. Their is too much manual scrolling using the new way on non-time synced song lyrics. Plus, some of us don’t like the karaoke-style window with time synced lyrics.

Yes, I’m not a big fan of the new karaoke style window especially for non-timed sync songs like you mention.

I liked the older approach where the lyrics window will automatically switch to the next song.

I guess in 1.6 this window from the thee dots menu is not synced with the current song playing.

Hi @Vikram_Sharda,

Thanks for the feedback here. Since this appears to be “working as designed” I would recommend also posting your suggestion in the 'feature request" section of the site.

Our product team and developers keep a close eye on that category, so that’s definitely the best place to propose a change like this and get feedback from the Community.


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