Roon 1.6 : Roon + Qobuz, Tidal = Pandora for lossless lovers



Came onto the forum expecting a flurry of activity but nothing yet…!


Great, hopefully my 11 inch iPad Pro will now have Roon remote full screen !

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Nice article … Darko is definitely a fan. It mentions a much improved Radio function, improved now playing screen and a more “approachable” DSP engine. Have to wait until tomorrow around midday (EST) to find out what else is in 1.6.

Nice video as well although it was recorded in June of last year so it doesn’t show any 1.6 features.


When is midday Jan 22 EST ?


That’s 5pm UK.

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I wonder did Darko jump the gun on this? Seems odd he is effectively making the announcement!

Unlisted - so mysterious! Sounds like a nice release though.


Indeed. They are keeping it under wraps :wink:

I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you gentlemen for your secret agent codewords.

But yes. There has been some leakage and it will be kept under wraps on the Forum for a short time. People who’ve posted in this thread (we happy few) will still see it, but not others.

One of the things the Roon devs like best is telling users about the new toys. I hope they still get to enjoy doing that.


Fair enough. The devs deserve the credit. Kudos to all at Roon for their hard work and making such a great product. Looking forward to the new features…:sunglasses:


Can’t wait!!

Yes, looks like as it is already the 22nd in Europe, Darko didn’t jump the gun but probably posted at midnight.
So maybe if the article is correct 12est will mean I will see the update at nine pacific. Nice.

Great news, as a Qobuz Beta user can’t wait to see this release and the improved radio will be a wonderful bonus.


Looking forward… improved internet radio and Qobuz integration!

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No problem. Congrats to the devs!