Roon 1.7 / 537 Working?

New update, 1.7 - 537 working or not ?
Please Answer

Yes (10 Chars)

Works fine on my system. (Build 537)

Core: Ubuntu 19.4, Roon Server, Lenovo Thinkstation. i7 7700, 16Gb Ram, 32Gb mSata (OS) – 2Tb HDD (Music) + 2nd ethernet port. This is located in another room.

Fibre network bridge between Roon Server on (2nd Ethernet port) and Roonbridge endpoint.

Roonbridge installed on Gigabyte Brix J1900 (WiFi and Bluetooth modules removed)- Win 10 (unnecessary Win 10 processes disabled) + ASIO driver. Powered by Anker 12v battery or HDPlex

Other end points/remote:
Surface Pro 4, Win 10 (Build 537)
Huawei MediaPad M5, Andriod 9 (Build 536)
Huawei P30 Pro, Android 10 (Build 536)

Yes (1 core and 3 remotes).

I think so, but I cannot find the ‘New releases for you’ screen. Where to look?

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It’s part of the “Overview” screen - it appears below the “Recently Added” album strip, but only if you have a Tidal and/or Qobuz subscription. If you don’t subscribe to one of these streaming services, you won’t get this.

Why such a lack of faith? I don’t even consider this when an update comes out. If I’m willing to invest then I need to at least trust roon.


Yup, no problem.

My question as well since the last few updates were such cockups in my system (ROCK not connecting, having to delete database, not recovering from backup etc etc). I won’t update Roon now unless it brings something new that is totally necessary. Tired of playing IT guy when I just want to listen to music.

You got my hopes up there for a minute. Unfortunately it’s still there, unnecessarily taking up screen space and taking focus away from my library.

I really wish there was another way to hide the recommendations, other than unlinking Tidal.

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It’s working like a dream - good update!

Works fine for me; Nucleus+, macOS 10.15.4

Hi Geoff
Thank you, I found it.

No not at all. :crazy_face:

I can’t help thinking that this is a ridiculous thread, correct me if I am wrong.

No problem with the latest Windows 10 on a Dell AlienWare PC.

Yes and no.

It speaks to Roon’s recent and ongoing instability

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Working OK for me, gen 5 i5 NUC running ROCK. I had to log in to Tidal but that behaved correctly (redirects etc) at the point of the update but it was stable for me before and after. The remote was an iPad Pro 9.7.

No,I do not know how update new program.