Roon 1.7, April, 23th 2020 update

this is my first post because I never had a problem before.

I just upgraded to this version of Roon on iPad and Android phone and upon restarting Roon asks me for the login credentials (it had never happened to me before).

I introduce my username and password (which work, I log into my account via PC) and the iPad continues to report a generic network error and tells me to check connection to the Internet. Which obviously works. The Android system also returns the same “Network error. Check your Internet connection” error …

Did everything go smoothly for you? Thanks.

Giorgio - Italy

Sorry. I use a ROCK-based Roon system (1.7 build 521 at the moment), a Roon endpoint sOTM sMS-200 and iPad or Android smartphone as remote devices.

Thanks again,
Giorgio - Italy

You post has been moved to #support (Thank you @Martin_Webster) where it will be more readily addressed by the Roon team.

Are you sure? This is out of date and needs to be updated.

Can you use the Rock web interface to connect to your rock and get an update?

Yes, this is what I can read into the ROCK web interface. But I don’t know how to upgrade ROCK …

Thanks for your reply, Brian!

Just hit reboot using the top right red button

OK, I did it. This is the result:

That doesn’t make sense. It says you haven’t rebooted in 32 days!
Did you upload the wrong screen?

Yes, so sorry… You can see the right image, now…

Ok, hit re-install on the Operating system. That’ll force updates.

Thanks a lot, Brian. All it’s OK!!!

Great news. Now enjoy the music.

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