Roon 1.7 (Build 505) Is Live!

Hi all,

Thanks everyone for all the kind words and great feedback about Roon 1.7!

The last 5 days have been the busiest ever on the Community Site, and we’ve been tracking a few issues that we wanted to try and address before the holiday here in the States.

We know that some of you have been having problems streaming Qobuz and TIDAL reliably since Roon 1.7 launched. While we have been unable to reliably reproduce this problem in-house, we undertook a thorough investigation, audited the code involved, fixed a few potential issues with it, and worked with some users over the weekend to see if it helped. Initial signs are encouraging, so we decided to deliver these changes as soon as possible. Please let us know how things are working with Build 505!

We also did some work to lighten up the font weight in Build 505, after receiving some feedback that Roon 1.7 looked too bold on some displays.

Finally, this release has a handful of other bug fixes, including fixes for some GPU-related crashes and color issues on Windows, as well as some other minor fixes. The full list is below, and Build 505 is rolling out now!

Thanks everyone!

The Team At Roon Labs

Roon 1.7 (Build 505) Release Notes

Roon Build 505 is now rolling out for macOS, Windows, Windows (64 Bit), and Linux. Updated versions of Roon for Android and iOS have been submitted to their respective App Stores and will be available as soon as they are approved. There is no update for Roon Bridge at this time.

All platforms and apps should update automatically.

Improvements and Bug Fixes for Build 505:

  • Audio buffering improvements
  • Lighter font weight
  • Fixed crash when editing part of a multi-level composition using 3 dots button
  • Improved OpenGL compatibility with older video cards on Windows (such as Mobility Radeon 4000 series)
  • Mobile: Fixed refresh and navigation buttons on Qobuz and TIDAL browser
  • Internet Radio: Fixed bad help text and errors messages
  • Possible fix for color issues on Intel Sandy Bridge iGPUs
  • Overview reloads properly when switching profiles
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