Roon 1.7 Chomecast Will No Longer Display Full Size!

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Intel i5 8400
16 Gb
Windows 10 Home
Roon 1.7 Build 505

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Schiit Modi 2/Magni 3

Description Of Issue

Roon 1.7 Chomecast Will No Longer Display Full Screen on some albums. On my desktop it will show full screen, but on my TV it will show in 16 x 9 but just small. Is there a way to adjust this?

Hi @Ryan_Herrera1,

What kind of TV is this? What resolution does it use?

What kind of Chromecast device are you using with the TV?

It is a 1080p Vizio

I am using a third gen Chromecast.

Here is a picture of issue. This occurs on multiple albums.

This seems to be a feature – not a bug!

From Roon 1.7 Is Live!:

Bug Fixes In Build 500:

  • Backup status notifications use the correct time zone, not UTC
  • Fix for a crash that occurred with some .w64 files
  • File browser no longer crashes on directory name ending in a \ character
  • Ignore malformed and badly encoded file tags that sometimes cause bad behavior
  • Fix parsing for broken tags written by iTunes that misrepresent the id3v2.x version number
  • Instrumentation now works properly for TIDAL/Qobuz compositions
  • Links in album reviews properly redirect to primary version instead of duplicate
  • Qobuz tracks are no longer included in Roon Radio when account is disabled
  • Algorithm for computing “top tracks” for non-library artists improved
  • Easier to lower volume when device is raised above limit (like via a hardware volume knob)
  • Fixed crash when opening a bookmark with focus criteria that has [] in it
  • Fix ‘\’ symbol appearing in focus criteria if folder name starts with a ‘[‘
  • Fixed inconsistent listing of keyboard shortcuts
  • Better file path on Versions tab
  • Fixed display issues relating to album format on now playing
  • Fixed bug that prevents more than 4 Meridian zones from playing at once
  • Fixed missing artist photo tab when multiple artists are present but the first artist has no picture
  • CMD+I shortcut in top-level Genres Browser no longer opens an empty Editor window
  • Fixed alignment for track format in ‘Album Art’ mode
  • Fixed issues dragging the volume slider when volume is below minimum safety limit
  • Fix cracking/stuttering during playback on some Android devices
  • Fixed bug that could prevent artwork display on Roon Ready devices when playback is restarted
  • Certain ALAC files that were previously skipped now import properly
  • “View On TIDAL” and “View On Qobuz” links added to the file info popup
  • Identified albums with no file tags won’t use their folder name as album title when “prefer local” is set
  • Fixed crash when opening playlist browser with iTunes playlists
  • Fixed crashes, hangs, and audio artifacts when crossfading certain tracks
  • On the composition page, filtering considers all text displayed on screen
  • On the composition page, pressing / properly focuses the filter input box
  • Improved filtering of explicit content in Roon Radio when explicit option is enabled
  • Fixed duplicate extensions showing up on the settings screen
  • Fixed seekbar advancing at the wrong speed during HQPlayer playback when Roon is resampling
  • Smaller artist photos are centered instead of being cropped on Chromecast/Web Display
  • Fixed issues triggering the on-screen keyboard in Windows 10 (Build 1903)
  • Issues running on OSX 10.10.5 Yosemite resolved

Hmm, odd “Feature”

Hello @Ryan_Herrera,

I am seeing the same behavior on my end for this Track/Artist. Do other artists display as expected on your end?

Yes, there are several artists. They display fine on my computer.

Hi @Ryan_Herrera,

I am seeing the same aspect ratio on my end for both the PC Web Display and on a Chromecast Ultra. I would say that this is intended behavior for this artist picture, as @Blackjack pointed out.


Hi @Ryan_Herrera,

I spoke to the technical team regarding this issue and we would like to take a closer look, can you please provide a list of all the artist/albums you have noticed exhibiting this behavior?

Allan Taylor
Andris Nelson
Anne-Sophie Mutter
Blind Faith
Blood, Sweat, and Tears
Brian Bromberg
Carol Welsman
Cecile McLorian Savant

This is just some I have 2,000 albums in my collection.

Looks like an improvement. At least their heads aren’t cut off.

My guess is that the resolutions for those pics don’t support a large display; too fuzzy.

Hi @Ryan_Herrera,

Thank you for sharing those artist examples! If you come across any other ones that display similar behavior, do let me know, thanks!

Carrie Newcomer
Charlie Haden
Christoph Eschenbach
Curtis Salgado
Cyrus Chestnut

Daniel Lozakovich
Daniil Trifonov
David Fray
David Hazeltine
Doyle Bramhall II

Eric Reed

Freya Ridings

GoGo Penguin
Gustavo Dudamel

Half Moon Run
Hildur Guðnadóttir
Holy Cole

Jazzmeia Horn
Jean-Guihen Queyras
Jimmy Greene
Jimmy Greene
Joel Ross

As you see this is a problem, and if I keep going I may name more than half my library.


Hi @Ryan_Herrera1,

Thank you for letting me know those additional artists, I have noted them with the technical team.
This case is still in the review queue, I will be sure to let you know if we need any further information, these examples are a great starting point. Thanks again for the report!

Sounds good.

H @Ryan_Herrera1,

I spoke to the technical team further regarding this behavior. In the past, we have enlarged an image no matter how small it was to fit the display area.

We often found that enlarging artist images that were too small did not provide an optimal user experience and parts of the image were getting cut off, so we made this change in the 1.7 release.

We will consider a tweak to this behavior based on your examples, but I can’t make any promises on when or if the change will be implemented, for now this is expected behavior.

I understand.