Roon 1.7 compatibility with macOS Catalina 10.15.3

Before upgrading my Mac to Catalina, I just want check its compatibility with Roon 1.7, which I’m running on a Roon Nucleus. Any issues as of February, 2020?

Thanks in advance.


I’m running 10.15.3 on both my server (mac mini) and controller (iMac) with roon 1.7 with no observed issues.

Nope, all known issues fixed as of version 1.6 build 475, and it’s currently at version 1.7 build 511.

Thank you.

There are several users experiencing troubles with Roon causing a heavy workload. Myself included.
Windows 10 server.
Mac OS catalina cliënt.

I’d have a good read here before you upgrade.

If running only Roon on a Mac mini is there any performance reason to upgrade to Catalina? Or not to bother?