Roon 1.7 Feedback Thread

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Yes, awesome job guys! This is what we’ve been waiting for!

Good job! I just have to find how my Aries Mini disappeared from my devices now…

Sort by station bitrate would be nice


Got really excited with the Android update - especially with the idea of Roon FINALLY! taking its place in the notification area. But - it’s only when playing on the actual device - not when using as a remote to other output devices. My feedback on this would be - thanks a ton for adding this functionality but I think MOST people use their devices as remotes to bigger better sounding output devices - and having that notification functionality in that case would be appreciated.


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where did you find the support for the Lyrics tag?

it’s noted in the release notes: Roon 1.7 Is Live!

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To me, the most important of all is the Android app fix! At last I can stream music with the app in the background while doing other things - No pops, cracks or stops! That alone is worth the 1.7 release IMO.

My next HOPE is the official support of remote streaming somehow… Then it’llbe the perfect piece of software for me :slight_smile:

Well done everyone and thanks for all your work and effort you have put in Roon.
Glad to be a lifetime adopter from today and on.


Thanks Danny, in my excitement to go over all the new improvements I glanced over this and never noted it… It was one of the things I was really looking forward to… So happy to see Roon move forward, can’t imagine the experience of listening to my music outside Roon…


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I love the new Zone icons—huge aesthetic/usability improvement.


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First impressions:

Bolding all the font makes the UI look unfinished.
Still not mobile/remote playback (been waiting for four years).
Internet radio is nice 'n all, but why would you do this when maintaining this is sure to take away developer’s time (which could be spent implementing MY OWN PERSONAL INTERNET RADIO).
Roon needs to expressly state what information of MINE is being collected and sent. I am getting increasingly worried about this.

Discover looks better.
Everything else is the same (for me).


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