Roon 1.7 Feedback Thread

Roon requires deep integration with streaming services that Spotify currently don’t provide. I wouldn’t hold your breath, also MP3 is not Hi Fi. We do enjoy full integration bringing high res/MQA and CD with Tidal and Qobuz, with great pricing and offers.
Personally I have no interest in Lo Fi streaming at home, what’s the point in this day and age?
You may be best talking to Spotify on this issue. This is my personal take and cannot speak for Roon or Spotify


What do you mean now? First I’ve heard it was ever going to. :thinking:

@andybob, could you elaborate a bit more? What do you mean buffering data in a less disruptive way?

Some general feedback on Roon 1.7…
My main Roon view is the Overview page. I’m not objecting towards the change into Recent activity, that’s kinda cool, but;
“Show all” (in the Recent section on Overview) doesn’t really do what it says anymore. It shows a few pages, and the forces me to spend a bunch of clicks to go into the Album view.

On the same view the Roon team manages to confuse, yet again…
I have set my prefs to “Show more pictures and albums” but here the thumsnails are bigger?

On the same confusion theme, here we got vertical scrolling? Damned guys, make yer mind up!

All in all, small niggles, but i still feel were heading off into GUI mish mash territory, way further than ever before.

What happened to that “major UI overhaul” that was hinted at a few years back?
It’s not useless today, but consistency is a must!


Doesn’t the observation that the last two new features added both have vertical scrolling?

Seems to me they have.

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I think this is a by-product of the dynamic building of the image, which uses the given size/resolution/scalling factor of the Roon window to decide how big the thumbnails are going to be. I’ve found that for different starting sizes of the Window, Roon will either show the same size of thumbnails, or different sizes across the various Roon screens…

I don’t know, sorry. I was quoting from the release notes. Moderators are just volunteer users, not Roon staff, so I don’t have that detail.

Don’t you realize that extra back buttons, proliferation of view alls, sub-menus, scrolling confusion, etc etc are actually features? Anything that allows one to get even more lost while using Roon means that you are spending more time with it and therefore getting your money’s worth! More mishmash please! :wink:


I have a few Controllers that get regular use; two iPads - one 2018 standard issue (10.5"?) and one 2020 iPad Pro 12.9" and a 13" Mac Book Pro 2017.
It looks the same on each of these, even though they vary a lot in screen resolution. Am i understanding you correctly if the thumbnails do NOT vary in size in some situations?

But… When i navigate to the Albums view, we still got paging (horizontal)?

Anyways, the new Recent-views are useful, but they need infinite scrolling… I dont want to click/tap all over the place just to browse my library :slight_smile:

Sadly, true. My speculation is the older (original) horizontally scanned pages will be replaced with vertical scroll in future iterations of the UI.
It does complicate the user experience as some (newer) sections of the Overview page scroll vertical and some (older) horizontal. You’d either have to be incredibly sloppy or strategically economic to roll things out that way.
Call me an optimist… :wink:

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Unfortunately you can’t find audition aids that transform a small/ average quality audio system into a no-question asked one ! :wink:

… Unfortunately not… wouldn’t it be great if there were such things!!

For desktop and tablet at least, make it one stuck page, with panel views, that can show in grid or list view, by category or function, sub-tab views in each, but each panel essentially functions the same (of course). All the universal things needed like filters and focus (tools) remain universal. Ability to hide panels if not used. When one searches or filters, the results divide into the panels - albums, artists, genres etc. and dependent on function. You keep active the one that you want to see, but one quick click to any of the others (no hamburger menus except for preferences). One panel could be the Main Library which breaks down with sub-tabs like albums, and artists.

I’d love to see a smart metadata panel - perhaps a metadata on/off toggle when if it’s on a side panel pops out with a text field where you enter info depending on which album(s), track, etc you have chosen, maybe with an autosave on/off.

Playlists, Bookmarks, Tags. Would like to see everything in one place, and again more of a tool box header approach. Tags should be renamed and rethought of as Collections. Keyboard command add to a target collection that you set. Ability to switch a playlist (or parts of) to a collection and vice versa. Bookmarks rethought of as Notes. Ability to set a note with one click, with or without custom text.

Better sharing options and themes would be nice. More than two sizes of thumbnails. Genres as thumbnails or list view. Qobuz/Tidal haven’t fully thought through - each their own panel depending if subscribed - tabs within each of some sort. Ability to customize each panel view would be key.

Anyway, it’s a long shot and I’m fine with Roon as it is. But I do think it could be a lot more intuitive and easily functioning program and these are a few quick ideas, glommed mostly from using Lightroom.

I thought for a minute you were describing JRiver, oh help me Lord! :smiley:

On a more serious note though, i think Lightroom is a far stretch for a comparison. I mean, thats a photographic workflow application, where it’s very purpose is to dabble around. Roon on the other hand, to me, should be quick, easily navigated and pretty, but at the same time informative of the content. (not the underlying logic or tags, or whatever, that need to be taken care of before i even start playing music)
Maybe we should have two views or modes, one for curating your library and one for selection and playback?

I agree about Show All. I set a bookmark for Albums sorted by date added. Going straight to that bookmark seems to do the trick for what I want.

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Actually, Lightroom is first and foremost a DAM - Digital Asset Management - program. It’s strength is organization (many feel other programs like Capture One are better at the actual RAW conversion and processing). So I don’t think the analogy is too far off. Roon is also based on creating virtual thumbnail files that can be organized how one sees fit. If I just want to easily view photos in LR I can do that, but if I want to go deeper then it’s all there in an easy to use consistent matter to do so. I could choose to use LR and never ‘dabble’ if I didn’t want to - but if I do… It should be the same with Roon, imo. So why do you say two views? Why not just one with all the tools you need available in an easy to find manner to use if you want or need to - or never if you don’t.

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A bit off topic, but Lightroom really is a full photographic workflow application. Whereas Roon is “only” a player and an “ok” asset manager.

Personally I would love if Roon was a full workflow application, including better asset management, especially fixing/cleaning and editing metadata. There should be a standard sidecar file format for ID3v2 or similiar, just like XMP for raw files, so you don’t have to depend on a specific database/software AND don’t alter the original file (unless you want to).


Love this idea!

Like this idea @rockphotog. Sure roon works when it works but when it doesn’t there is no way of fixing a “simple” problem or error.

Enable Some sort of meta data editing would solve a problem I have now. Two different artists with the same name ends up rolled into one artist with albums from both artist displayed. I have no idea how to separate the data in roon, so I must ask support for some correction to the meta data. Nothing happens so I contact Tidal to correct meta data, nothing happens. This has been an issue for over 2 years.

I did say “simple” right?!


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