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So, in the latest version of Roon Controller for iPadOS we have yet another inconsistency.
I previously ranted about the different sized thumbnails in the Recent activity from what i have selected. (Show more albums and pictures-setting=On)
In the current release of Roon on my iPad the thumbnails have got bigger in my Albums view, but not as big as in the Recent activity:

And now for the fun part, two surprises in one:

Since this is an iPad Pro 12.9" i have portrait mode! But, here we have the smaller thumbnails i requested in settings! (as they were sized in previous versions of Roon)
And the second surprize comes when you lookat whats displayed on these two last screenshots.
The landscape view is showing Albums sorted by Artist and i have browsed to view Blur > Bob Dylan.
Then i turned the iPad to portrait mode, and wadda ya know? We are now on Danzig > David Bowie?
I can only assume this is due to the higher number of thumbnails showing in portrait mode…-

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Hey @Mikael_Ollars,

Thanks for this report, I’ll get your feedback over to the team, thanks for pointing this out!

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