Roon 1.7 fonts look bad on Windows 7

So much the new font rendering they still look awful on my Windows 7 PC

Probably useful to the support folks if you could specify what graphics hardware and screen resolution/scaling factors you are using?

Just seen this thread - you might want to post your information there, rather than here in the Support category.

Hi, @John_Birch, thanks for your report! Which screen scaling are you using on the machine which is affected by the issue?



I’m using Windows 7, Nvidia GeForce GTX660 Graphics card.
2 x BenQ SW240 monitors at 1920 x 1200 (recommended) resolution. Fonts set to medium (125%)

Fonts in settings look awful. Album text fonts have odd baselines.

Thanks for the info, @John_Birch, I opened a ticket for our developers, we are investigating this behavior.

Sorry for troubles.


Can you elaborate; not sure what you’re referring to?

This means that there is a ticket in our bug tracking system, which our developer team will work on in the near future. I added info that you submitted to it as well :slight_smile:



FYI: I’ve tried setting the font resolution back to 100% and they look OK. Only problem that’s too small for my eyes

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