Roon 1.7 on WINE

I’ve been running Roon on a Manjaro desktop using Wine for the better part of 6 months with no issues at all. Today I attempted to update Roon to 1.7 though the GUI - It failed to relaunch after the update.

In the end I trashed the application and WINE config files and started over. I had previously been using dotnet45 installed through winetricks. In order to get 1.7 going I had to install dotnet46.

Just a heads up in case someone runs into the same problems I did.

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dotnet452 should actually suffice.

Good to know!

No issues so far on 46, though I’ve only been using it for a few hours.

Higher versions shouldn’t cause problems. I’m actually using 472 on some of my installations and works fine.

Have a look here:

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I have wasted hours and hours trying to get this to work on Ubuntu 18.04. I’ve used the github RoPiess roon_on_wine script referenced above. I’ve tried multiple versions of dotnet. I’ve used the stable wine release, and used the developer release. I’ve tried installing mono first. Tried installing dotnet first, and also letting the aforemened script install it as Roon installs. All this has been done wiping Wine entirely off my system, before I try another method. Nothing works.

Is there a current, tested, step-by-step method for making this work on Ubuntu 18.04?

Thanks in advance. Short of some great advice from someone, I’ve wasted enough hours trying to get this to work on my own. Frustrating.

Sorry to hear that @scolley and I know how frustrating it is when things don’t work.

I have it working here on 18.04.3 LTS with integrated Intel graphics.

  • You need a graphics card and drivers that support OpenGL 3.0.
  • I installed Wine stable as described on WineHQ
  • You may also need a recent winetricks
    Please scroll down on the page to the line If you don’t uninstall a previously installed, packaged version of winetricks… Well then you get to pick up the pieces! and follow the instructions below to install.
  • Use the actual roon_on_wine script (it changed for 1.7)

I hope this helps to get you running. If you have further questions, it might be helpful when you can provide error messages and/or relevant Roon log snippets.

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Thanks BlackJack! I appreciate you taking the time to lay that out.

FWIW I didn’t mention error messages, and where/how the install attempts didn’t work, as there were myriad combinations that I tried, and had different messages for each. Though if there were anything in common across the many attempts, it generally had to do with something being unhappy with mono, or a perceived lack thereof. But no reason to pull on that thread yet… I need to try your suggestions.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

If wine can’t find mono it complains and offers to download it for you. You can safely skip/decline that offer as roon_on_wine will install .NET (which will turn off mono anyway if present).

@scolley using the script you’ll see a lot of warning messages.
But in the end it will work :wink:

what we actually need to add to the script that it takes care of installing the necessary parts for different distro’s… let’s see if I can find some time :slight_smile:

It sure sounds appealing to have a script that does all for you. Sadly there are many distros out there with outdated components in their repo. See also the example here (Ubuntu LTS) which is surely not the most conservative available distribution but failed to run Roon when I used the preconfigured repositories.

It’s maybe best to let the users install the prerequists themselves but describe this prerequisits better on the project page (maybe with sections for specific problematic distributions after someone provided a working solution).

Thanks for the help. Am in the process, so good so far. But which branch of Wine. Stable or Development? I’m assuming either. But doesn’t hurt to ask.

As i wrote stable, stable will do. If Roon is the only software you use Wine for, you don’t need a more recent version.

Didn’t work. So as to not gum up this good thread with my personal difficulty with this, I started a new thread here. Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

To update to Wine 5 on Ubuntu 18.04 the FAudio package is needed.

Now run the Software update app. The update to the current Wine stable should now be possible.

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