Roon 1.7 - Possible (minor) Bug - Adding Tidal Tracks to Library - Album remains in Tidal List [Ticket In]

Apologies if this is not a bug, I don’t recall this happening prior to 1.7.

I’ve noticed that if you are in an artist view and locate a Tidal album and add it to your library the album stays in the Tidal section until you exit the artist and go back in again.

I would expect that the album would immediately disappear from the Tidal list once it has been added to your library. I don’t remember this happening previously?

Hi @Trickydickie — I’ve passed your feedback along to the team to investigate. Thanks for the feedback!

I saw the same. Must be a refresh problem, because after browsing other artists and go back, the album is gone from the Tidal list

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