Roon 1.7 - What is new?

I have installed Roon 1.7, actually I have difficulties to see what is new, what is improved.

And you ?

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Ok, but what is new concretely ?

Have you an example of a a true new feaure or true improvement ?

Perhaps I am false but for me no new in Room 1.7


Each to their own view.
You have been shown the new feature list, if you don’t recognize any of them then…

Any example ?

The items in the list above.

Please, one concrete example ?

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I am happy with Roon, however don’t understand what is the added value of 1.7 version.

And how is my listing the things I like going to change that opinion, exactly?


A vast improvement of internet Radio.
Faster searching and more Meta Data.

Performance enhancements under the hood that provide a basis for future improvements

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How long did you use previous versions?

I started with 1.3, ~2 years ago, and have realized significant differences with each point release.

Specifically from 1.6 to 1.7, for me in my experience:

Streaming has improved significantly: responsiveness and sound quality. Tidal was added in 1.3 (I believe) and Qobuz in 1.6.

Client devices connect much more rapidly than in the past.

Live Radio directory and My Live Radio have evolved. ‘New Releases for You’ section of the Overview page has found me a couple gems I was completely unaware of.

Of course, other things haven’t changed nor they been improved; Playlists, Track view and other niggly bits but it’s OK. I’m enjoying the process of learning the changes of each version and learning to adapt myself instead of trying to adapt the software (which inarguably is not really an option at all).

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Android app is massively improved to.

Well said.

I think there may be a language misunderstanding or miscommunication in this thread. Or rather what they mean to him.

Each of us find value in different things. If you don’t find value in the recent changes, that’s OK, hopefully it, Roon, is still playing music for you and you’re enjoying it.

Sometimes I feel that enjoying the music gets lost in the forum banter…

I believe Staphane perhaps isn’t understanding what these changes mean, not that he hasn’t looked.

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Streaming engines been improved, search is lightning fast now to. Recommendations of new releases tailored to your tastes, Internet Radio Directory. New UI bits. List can go on.

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I am using Roon since 2 months, so I began with 1.6 version.

Ok for Radio, but Radio was present in 1.6 and the added value in 1.7 is light.

Qobuz Streaming was good in 1.6, not sur it is better in 1.7

Friendly, you hae not a concrete reply, a concrete example.

I open this fill in order to understand what are the improvements

Roon Live Radio [built in radio stations] : Ok, but Radio was already in 1.6 it is not a revolution for a major update

Yes it is. There is a massive directory of stations you can search for and add to your Roon. You could not do that before, you had to know the specif URL to add one. You obviously never used it.

The whole search engine has been updated to use the new learning tech. This has made the searching for material way faster.

Buffering for streaming has been improved for faster starting and more reliable playback over all.

Android app had a full rewrite.

Many many big fixes.

Roon will now list new releases based on your listening tastes and offers recommendations on other albums you might like based on what your playing. All these aid discovery of new music. These are all new.


For me, beyond performance and bug fixes, I’m not sure what Roon could do to provide substantial improvements? It meets all of my needs as it is, and does so at a high level. Roon has revolutionized my digital music experience. The revolution feels complete, what else can they do beyond bug fixes and performance boosts?

This isn’t said as a criticism, but more so Roon seems victim of its own genius. The first step of moving into Roon is a magical leap. The expectation then becomes for each update to be equally revolutionary. But how could it be?


Everybody gives Radio as main example, ok it is better now with directory of stations, but not a revolution. In 1.6 I had entered URL for radio I use.

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it is not a revolution for a major update but this was just a point release. Major would be 2.0 - but I agree that radio is not much different, just a directory has been added but as I had already setup radio stations via URL that I like and play it only serves to look for new ones…

Many value a directory that is easy to browse and add stations to ones list. I’ve found a couple so far I didn’t know about. Sadly no additional FLAC streams though.

The quality of low bit-rate Internet streams has improved tremendously for me. 1.6 was pretty good though. I just added Qobuz a few weeks before 1.7 dropped and very much like how it sounds but loathe that it doesn’t have consistent EBU R128 data. Currently it’s track-only and +6-10dB higher than Roon local tracks or Tidal - but this is off topic