Roon 1.8/884 MacOS - Local Folders cannot be seen?

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My backups started failing as of the last release of Roon, when I navigate to the Settings pane (Storage or Backups) I can see that Roon no longer sees any of my local file directories. If I open e.g. Settings->Storage ---- my previously existing “My This Mac->SSD->Music” folder now says in Red “this drive is not available” (clearly not true as I can navigate quite happily there), and prompts me to check or edit folder. If I try and edit or add folder, the Choose Music storage dialog that comes up is completely empty, no folders whatsoever are listed. Ie I cannot add local folders nor see local files anymore. If I drag and drop a folder from the Finder it asks me if I want to copy these files to my Roon library, I assume I don’t want to be doing that as it will copy them somewhere else, but if I go “Add a folder” literally nothing happens.

I am not going to try and do anything like clear out database or restore and go down that waste of time. Can somebody tell me what just happened ?

ps looking at the last date on my database backup, it is Christmas Day. So this clearly all got broken on the release that day or after.

Ok then, I quit Roon and then rebooted and lo and behold Roon sees the folders once more ( in case anybody else sees this issue ) - I will keep monitoring the situation. The clue to this was in the Logs for Roon, I saw a line like this : [broker/filebrowser/entry] GetFSDir: volume was not available gomedia MKNSSDRE480GB Media : !volume.IsAvailable — which felt awfully like something had happened where the App or FS had run out of handles or something ? Anyone from Roon care to comment on when the app will report this error whilst the native File System is able to see the files and directories in question ? Thanks.

On Linux, the system can run out of inotify max watches which causes similar errors. MacOS might have same or similar. Reference: No Space Left error - #8 by wklie

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