Roon 1.8 AirPlay doesn't work with NAD M33 or HomePod mini

Unfortunately there is still no certification for the NAD M33. You promote to use AirPlay, but this is also not working. I can select my NAD M33 as an AirPlay device, but I can’t start playing a song.

I have no problems to use my NAD M33 with AirPlay and other apps, Tidal for example. So its a ROON problem.

Same with my HomePod. Selectable but no playing possible. With other apps no problems to play with AirPlay.

So whats the ROON AirPlay problem?


Does the M33 have a chromecast audio option? Have you tried that?

Have you enabled the M33 in the devices section?

I am not using Chromecast.

Sure, I can select it as AirPlay device, this is only possible after activating it as an AirPlay device.

100% works with my HomePod Mini.

Thanx to the latest HomePod mini update from Apple - the mini’s work in stereo modus and grouped in Roon. :+1:t2:

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Yes, Apple and ROON do!