Roon 1.8 (Build 748/756/763/764) Feedback

I like it, would prefer to have the discover feature (also) at its old place, however. I suggest to have it at both places.

One bug I noted: I added a Tidal album to the library by mistake, and deleted it again. This had indeed the effect that it was removed from the Tidal favorites apparently. However, in the home screen it is still considered to be added to the library, and you can’t re-add to the library if you wished.

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Liking the look so far. The Home page is actually useful to me now as it more heavily features recommendations, and interesting data about my listening habits, I don’t miss having the discover feature being so prominent, although I imagine it would be more useful in larger libraries than mine.

The new ability to use the focus feature in the discography page is great! Really gives me the tools to plunder the depths of an artist’s work!

One gripe is I STILL cannot browse my album library by letter on my Android phone!!

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:slight_smile: For me, no it wasn’t. Vertical is more natural and now it scrolls smoothly and predictably.

The old method was way too sensitive to use the mouse and clicking on the “dots” was ridiculously slow.

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Two points about new:
1.Enter Full Screen:Add new icon to switch Full Screen or not(Windows Os) more quickly。(F11<–Maybe another way.)
2.Theme:More Options,or customization!(I like DARK more then LIGHT)

Wow. Are there some nits I’d like to see addressed? For sure. But this is a huge step forward for Roon. I have found more new interesting music in the last few hours than I’d found in the past several months. Roon team: I know there is a lot of whining going on, but you have done an amazing job here and should be very proud of yourselves!


@Mediahound When I hover over the checkmarks I see “Track pick” pop up. I don’t know what that means.

In 1.7 they were called “picks”. Just select the check mark above the tracks and then you can just play the “picks”

I suppose it’s what Roon thinks are the ‘picks’ of the album, like the best tracks.

Best comment of the thread. Darn near made me spill my bourbon! Thank you.

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I focus mode, the “view more” for composers link is hidden behind pictures of albums. i can’t get to it. i am in full screen mode on a windows 10 laptop.

also, prefered the icon for toggling between full screen and not full screen. now i have to scroll down to do this.

@mediahound - I searched for the term “Track picks” and got several hits. I read a few and it’s still not clear to me. I could be tired and it’s time for dinner here in Oregon. I’ll poke at it again later.

I hate round pictures. I blame Apple for the fact that round pictures are now a thing. The artist pictures were not very useful before and now they are missing the corners.



Super funny! I wish I had written this.

Perhaps you can comment on the soundstage next time! :wink:

Thanks for the laugh!

Concering the waveform feature for music of the local library:

This was a nice but not important gimmick. With this size you can get rid of it completely.

I came here and login for the first time to say just one thing: I don’t care about horizontal vs. vertical scrolling, because what is important is that it works. The old scrolling worked, I could peruse rapidly in my albums. The new scrolling… does not work good. Too much screen estate is taken by the upper and bottom bar. I don’t need a 2" bar just for the search icon. And somehow the hierarchical information is lossed. With vertical scrolling, everything is flying on the screen, which was not the case with horizontal scrolling. Yep, that is another thing I fund vexing: the loss of hierarchical information. Now everything is everywhere. This will take time to heal.


PICKS are from AllMusic, if you goto the AllMusic site, look up an artist, then goto Discography you will find some Blue Arrows pointing to an AllMusic curated Album PICK, then goto an Album and you’ll also get Track PICKS. Roon brings that AllMusic Curation into Roon via the Check Mark, of which you can play all PICKS for an Artist Albums or Album Tracks:

Is it possible that we lost the ability to edit compositions in bulk? In 1.7 I was able to filter compositions and then apply changes to all those filtered. Now, as soon as I select more than one composition, the option for “edit” disappears from the menu. Am I missing something?
It goes without saying that losing this ability would be a huge blow.

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Total disaster for me. It won’t even start.


For me the album cover occupies much more of the page than previously. Hate this build. 8 days left in annual subscription. Perfect timing to quit Roon.

That is hilarious. And inexplicable.

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