Roon 1.8 (Build 748/756/763/764) Feedback

In 1.8, When browsing any Tidal Albums or under “New Releases for you”, you can no longer see whether the Album is Tidal Masters / MQA anymore… in fact you can’t see that information until you click into the album to find out what formats of that album is in whether it is Flac / MQA / AAC etc…

Only after it has been added to your library then you can see the album format information on display. It would be nice if there is a MQA badge or Format information to show in Tidal Album pages


MQA miss match. And MQA “resolution” has been removed from/under album cover. Not good.


This is really bad. Totally agree with you.



Well, it seems that the missing recommended albums and library discography concern I cited earlier must have been a temporary glitch as a result of the Roon servers being overloaded. Now, when I scroll down from the album track listing I see a Selected discography section followed by a Recommended albums section. Perfect!

There are always gitches on the release of any new software, but I have to say that Roon has exceeded my expectations with this one. The new UI may not initially please everyone, but give it time. Pretty sure it’ll grow on you.

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These Android UI elements look like they have literally been thrown at the screen and fortunately I find it all looks a little amateurish compared to 1.7… which is a shame as I’m sure lots of people worked very hard on this release.

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Overall very good. Performance much better. My only nit-pick is the font for the title of albums. Certainly a bold choice but my personal preference would be for something a little more subtle that draws less attention. But it is one of those things where you’ll never please everyone.

Is it 16 or 24 bit ?

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I am getting the same error, roon radio is not working… says its limited to library.

Too long of a thread to see if others are getting it too.

It’s there in the iPad app. Settings > General > Customize album display > Edit.

The star rating from AllMusic is gone and can now only be seen when you click each album, which is tedious and a downgrade from the previous version. Is there a way to either bring the stars back, or (a better option)to be able to sort by AllMusic’s star rating? It is extremely helpful for figuring out where to begin with a new artist discovery.


I actually quite like the Android UI, just wish it could output audio properly on DAPs with a quality DAC rather than resampling everything and sending it through OpenSL

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I mistakenly deleted my previous post. Roon Radio is also not working for me, I am getting an error saying its limited to library and nothing will play next (although a song is, in theory, there to play).

Overall the GUI looks good though, no issues there.

Roon. Please move.


I posted earlier with the same issue. Looks like it is a wider problem so I expect it will get addressed by Roon.

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Oh, I was able to find a link to all tracks by artist in the artist page.

Same here…

They can move the que list button back to the big empty space where it once was too…